Facilities Management Rental Vehicle Reservation Form

For questions call the Front Desk at 575-835-5533

Banner FOAP account numbers are required for all Rental Vehicle Requests to be processed (ACCT is assumed to be 710201).

ACCT: 710201

Vehicle Rental Rates

Academic Affairs: Cars, Vans, Pick-up Truck, SUV-$0.60 per mile (includes the cost of fuel).

Rental Agreements

I certify that I have a valid driver's license and have taken NM Tech's defensive driving course and the Van Safety Course (if applicable) within the last 4 years. (DDC certification expires every 4 years). I will adhere to all motor vehicle laws, including seat-belt use.
NM Tech's Insurance has a $5,000 deductible and my department will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle while in my possession. I am responsible for the vehicle until the keys are received at the FM Front Desk during regular business hours M-F 8 am-5 pm. Vehicle is subject to a visual inspection upon return.
I will use the vehicle only for Tech business, and only individuals on Tech business will be allowed to ride in the vehicle. If an individual not on Tech business is allowed to ride in the vehicle and is injured as a result of an accident, I will be solely responsible for any claim or litigation. Personal use of a NMT vehicle is strictly prohibited within 35 miles of NMT.
If I do not turn in all of my fuel receipts, the Facilities Management department will charge my department an additional flat rate of $0.10 per mile for fuel. The credit card provided is to be used ONLY FOR THE PURCHASE OF FUEL AND FUEL/VEHICLE RELATED ITEMS.
I understand that NO ALCOHOL, NO SMOKING and NO PETS ARE ALLOWED in the rental vehicle; otherwise FM will charge an additional $25 cleaning fee and may result in the suspension of your vehicle rental privileges.
FM will charge a $25 non-cancellation fee if a vehicle is not picked up or no notice to cancel is received at least 24 hours prior to pick-up date/time.

FM will charge a daily fee of $40.00 each day the vehicle or keys are not turned in as scheduled.

Please direct any questions or concerns to facmgmt@admin.nmt.edu.