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 New Mexico Tech is proud to offer two different TRiO programs to serve Albuquerque High Schools:


Upward Bound                   Upward Bound Math & Science  


Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math and Science are federal TRiO programs funded by the US Department of Education. All TRiO programs are vested in the notion that all committed students deserve an opportunity of higher education (without regard to race, gender, national origin, or ADA status) regardless of their family’s economic resources and/or educational background. We are dedicated to helping first-generation college-bound and/or low income high school students prepare for college by providing them with the academic, personal, and professional skills they need to overcome their obstacles and succeed.


For more information about these programs, please follow the links above to visit their individual websites. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of the UB or UBMS staff listed below.

Upward Bound                                       Upward Bound Math & Science
Frances Ortega   Berta Gutierrez
Program Director   Program Director
(505) 366-2521   (505) 366-2525
fortega@admin.nmt.edu   bgutierrez@admin.nmt.edu