Transfer Students

Transfer Student Admission

Students in good academic standing at other colleges and universities (2.0 minimum GPA) are eligible for transfer admission to New Mexico Tech. Credits taken at another institution will be evaluated and transferred on a course‐by‐course basis. Any student who has not graduated high school but has DUAL CREDIT will be considered an entering freshman. Credit will be awarded once the Office of Admission receives an official copy of the transcript from the granting institution.

To Qualify as a Transfer Student

You will be considered a transfer student if you have a minimum of 30 credit hours transfered from an accredited college or university (If you have fewer than 30 credit hours of transfer credit, follow the Entering Freshman section above). Students in good academic standing at other colleges and universities are eligible to apply for transfer admission to New Mexico Tech.

Admission Requirements

The minimum admission requirements for a student who is classified as a transfer student are as follows:

The student transferring from another college oruniversity must have completed the same high school course work requirements as entering freshmen (either from high school or from equivalent courses taken since high school).

The student must present college transcripts showing a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.

The student must place into Math 103, Pre-Calculus.

The student must be in good academic standing at the last institution attended.

The student must be eligible to re‐enroll at the institutions from which he or she wishes to transfer. An applicant who cannot re‐enroll at that institution is not eligible to enter New Mexico Tech.

To be Considered for Admission

Complete an Application for Undergraduate Admission and Scholarship

Applicant may be asked to provide an official high school transcript at the discretion of the Admission Office

Provide official college transcripts from all colleges attended, reflecting all courses completed and in progress

Applicant may be asked to provide an official ACT or SAT Student Profile Report if the student has fewer than 30 hours of transfer credit

Pay a $15 application fee


Merit Scholarships for Transfer Students are awarded based on the student's cumulative college GPA and transfer credit hours. Students must be ADMITTED before the specified deadlines to qualify and scholarships are renewable for up to 3 years-depending on the amount of transfer credit awarded.

Scholarships for transfer students can be found at:


Transfer Students may live on campus if they so choose. We assign housing to transfer students the same as we would an incoming freshman. After our current students have been assigned housing we go to our new applicants and assign them to rooms that are still available. We assign new and transfer students based on the date we receive their application and housing deposit. As a transfer student you may want to live in an apartment rather than a dorm. Please note that our apartments fill up fast. You will need to get your housing application and deposit immediately after you are accepted as a student. This will increase the chances of getting the building you want. If you wish to live off campus you may contact Residential Life for an off campus housing list.