Topics of Interest

Topics of Interest

International students face many legal issues related to their non-immigrant status. This list of topics ("Advisory Notes") covers most of the questions that are likely to arise during the study program of a student who is in F1 or J1 status.

If, after reading these Advisory Notes, you have further questions, contact Student Affairs at 575.835.5060.

Topics of Interest

Visa vs Status: What's the Difference?                                      

Policy and Procedures

Which Government Office Does What?

S.E.V.I.S, the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System

Maintaining Legal Student Status

Changing Major or Program

Extension of Program

Transferring to Another School: F1 and J1 Students

F1 Curricular Practical Training

F1 Optional Practical Training

J1 Academic Training

Employment (other than practical training)

What About Family Members?

Unsurrendered I-94's

Automatic Visa Revalidation for Aliens in F or J Status