Student Learning Initiatives

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Student Learning and Success Initiatives:


Graduate Communication Courses: Integrated Writing and Oral Communication In Science and Engineering

*PPOHA, CLASS, Physics, MechE Faculty and Staff


Graduate Learning Communities

*PPOHA, faculty and staff

Peer Mentoring, Graduate to Undergraduate


Thesis and Dissertation (Writing) Boot Camps

*PPOHA, CLASS, Math faculty and staff


Undergraduate Living Learning Communities

*SES, faculty and staff

*Introduction to Atmospheric Science—Physics


Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

*re-energized by SES grant

*Faculty Development workshops


Equipment Upgrades in Classrooms

*PPOHA and SES grants

*Sympodium interactive smart boards, lecture capture systems


Student Research Symposium

*HLC Pathways Improvement/Student Learning Project

organized by administrators, faculty, staff, and students

*Academic Affairs, Student & University Relations, CITL, SES, PPOHA


Writing Center Graduate Tutoring

*PPOHA and CLASS Department


Oral Presentation Center

*PPOHA and CLASS Department


ESL—Integrative Approach

*PPOHA, CLASS Department, CITL


Dual-University Communication Courses

*CLASS Department


Mechanical Engineering Communication Courses

*Grad and UG

*faculty joint-appointment in CLASS and Mechanical Engineering

English Composition Workshop Pilot Course

*SES and CLASS Department


CHEM 109 - To better prepare students for

General Chemistry and thus improving student retention

*Chemistry Department


CHEM 121R & 122R - Restructuring recitation classes for General

Chemistry with the intention of improving student performance in

chemistry and science classes

*Chemistry Department


Assist the Chemical Engineering department in the delivery of their

freshman year Intro class (CH E 110) to better prepare

chemical engineering students for their studies

*Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Departments


Online math placement test for incoming students

*Math Department


1 credit hour recitation per week to our college algebra and trigonometry

*Math Department


Academic Warning Process, initiated in  (DATE)

Has decreased the number of suspensions by approximately 33%

(decreased from approximately 60 students each Spring semester to less than 40 students in Spring 2011)

*Academic Standards and Admissions Committee, Registrar, Academic Departments/Advisors