Strategic Planning and Resource Development

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Office of Strategic Planning and Resource Development (SPRD) is to provide overarching strategic assessment and management of general planning and policy issues that have interdepartmental significance for funding and resource development. As the office for centralized resources and information on academic grant proposal development, the SPRD oversees the general planning, organizing, writing, and submitting of interdepartmental grant proposals by:

  • identifying new funding opportunities and high priority projects;
  • disseminating information on resource development;
  • identifying commonalities in long-term department goals;
  • creating a strategic plan for funding opportunities;
  • expediting program development by establishing key participants in planning stages;
  • offering guidance on program planning and development;
  • providing guidance during the grant research and writing processes.
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  • Between Fall 2009 and Fall 2013, enrollment for First-Time, Full-Time Freshmen increased by 24% (255 to 316).
  • Retention of those students increased 4.91% from 71.68% to 76.59% in Fall 2013, even with the increase in enrollment.
  • Moreover, minority (including Asian) enrollment and retention has increased by 38% for Fall 2013 and 9.67% for Fall 2013 respectively.
  • From Fall 2009 to Fall 2013 enrollment of minority graduate students increased by 42%.
  • Retention of graduate students increased 11% from 66.67% to 77.78% for Fall 2013.
  • Advising and Early Alert served 364 undergraduate students in Fall 2012 and 338 in Fall 2013. Over 600 alert flags were raised within the first six weeks of the Fall 2012 semester.
  • Two entryway courses, Pre-Calculus and Intro to Engineering Design, were redesigned. Pre-Calculus pilots showed marked improvement in pass rates over the baseline rate of only 43% passing.
  • First year assessment of Living Learning Communities (LLC) showed promising results: Retention rate of the LLC cohorts was 82% compared to the baseline retention rate in Fall 2009 of 71.68%. And the cumulative GPA of the LLC cohort was 2.55 compared to 2.29 of non-LLC students in the control group. Of particular note, the LLC consisted of 40% minority students. Subsequent pilot of the LLCs indicated continued success with 75% of participants maintaining a 2.0 GPA or better and 48% of those made the Honors list. LLC2 consisted of 36% minority students.
  • Total revenue through 09/2013 is $5,907,902.
  • Total dollars impact $740 per student in 2013.
  • Total spent for student support to date $376,527.