Sport Clubs

The Intercollegiate Sports Club program shares in the educational mission of the university by offering opportunities to experience interpersonal growth, social development, and to improve physical and mental health for student athletes.

Through intercollegiate sport club competition, the program provides an environment for social interaction, and campus/community building. It also fosters a sense of collegiate spirit and tradition. Games also provide an entertaining escape from the normal rigors of school and work.

The intercollegiate sport club program also tries to create and enhance a positive image of the university and department throughout the city, state, and region.

Sport Club Manual

Academic Year 2017 - 2018 Sport Clubs and Club Presidents

Bike Club - Club President:

Caving Club - Club President: David Hunter

Climbing Club - Club President:

Cricket Club - Club President: 

Golf Club - Club President:

Men's Rugby Club - Club President:

Women's Rugby Club - Club President:

Shooting Club (air riffle) - Club President:

Men's Soccer Club - Club President:

Women's Soccer Club - Club President:

Paintball Club - Club President:

Track & Field Club - Club President: 

Ultimate Frisbee Club - Club President:

Co-Ed Volleyball Club - Club President:

Street Hockey Club - Club President:


Men's and Women's Rugby coach -

Men's Soccer coach - William Oxford

Women's Soccer coach -