Strategic Planning Committee Home

Strategic Planning Committee Home


New Mexico Tech kicked off the process to develop a new Strategic Plan during the fall 2013 semester. The committee held a series of open forums on campus in September and October 2013 in preparation for the initial committee meeting, which was in December 2013. The committee met twice monthly and posted updates about its progress on this webpage. The committee included representation from academic departments, research divisions, students, staff offices, alumni and community leaders. 


The New Mexico Tech Strategic Planning Committee was formed to create a strategic plan for the future of New Mexico Tech.  


What is Strategic Planning?

As applied to New Mexico Tech, 'Strategic Planning' is a process by which the senior administration of the university, in consultation with faculty, administrators, managers, employees, students, alumni, and other interested parties collaborate to plan for the future direction of the institution, and develop strategies to achieve that future. The strategic planning process drives us to answer three basic questions:

1. Where are we now as a university?
    Objective: Assess the present situation at the university

2. Where do we want to be in the future?
    Objective: Determine the desired direction for the future of the university

3. How do we get there from where we are now?
    Objective: Define the strategies to achieve the future direction of the university




Vision and Mission 

Draft Vision (Adopted by Strategic Planning Committee – November 3, 2014)

New Mexico Tech aspires to be a preeminent community of scholars dedicated to research, education, and innovation – advancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We will drive innovation and education through transdisciplinary collaborations


Draft Mission (Adopted by Strategic Planning Committee – November 3, 2014)

New Mexico Tech serves the state and beyond through education, research, and service, focused in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Involved faculty educate students in rigorous and collaborative programs, preparing scientists and engineers for the future. Our innovative and interdisciplinary research expands the reach of humanity’s knowledge and capabilities. Researchers, faculty, and students work together to solve real world problems. Our economic development and technology transfer benefit the economy of the state and create opportunities for success. We serve the public through applied research, professional development, and teacher education, benefitting the people of New Mexico.



Strategic Priority Drafts

The following are drafts of strategic pirorities with high-level goals and objectives.  The community was encouraged to provide feedtack to the Strategic Planning Committee. In addition, we held a series of town hall meetings in October to gather feedback on these drafts. 


Assessment (Draft - 10/9/2014); Chair - W.D. Stone

Communication & Processes (Draft - 9/11/2014); Chair - W.D. Stone

Community of Scholars (Draft - 9/11/2014); Chair - M. Hargather

Funding (Draft - 10/13/2014); Chair - M. Heagy; Background research part 1, part 2

Quality Growth (Draft - 9/30/2014); Chair - S. Grijalva

Technology (Draft - 10/9/2014); Chair - J. Franklin

Transdisciplinary Education and Research (Draft - 9/11/2014); Chair - L.M. Liebrock; Background research




Strategic Plan Draft

The following are drafts of the strategic plan that were reviewed by the strategic planning committee. 

Executive Summary

Strategic Plan Body including (pages TOC-37)


   pages 38-75

   pages 76-112

   pages 113-121

   pages 122-133


"Final" Strategic Plan 

The final version of the strategic plan was reviewed and approved by the NMT Board of Regents in April 2015. The plan is posted on the Strategic Plans page. The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is a living document that will be updated as the implementation moves forward and new initiatives are developed. 


Community Honor Code Development per Strategic Plan 

Per the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, implementation of an institutional honor code is being developed. The linked page outlines the progress on the NMT Community Honor Code.