Research Policies, Procedures, & Forms

Official NMT Policies related to Research

These policies have been approved by Tech's Board of Regents and are therefore official university policy:

  • Official Policy on Research Integrity (pdf)
  • Official Policy on Human Subjects Research (pdf)
  • Official Policy Governing Conflict of Financial Interest (pdf)
  • Official Policy on Financial Conflict of Interest (DHHS) (pdf)


R&ED Policies and Procedures

The R&ED Office develops policies and procedures on an as-needed basis to help facilitate research training, proposal routing, and proposal submission:

  • Laboratory Safety Course (pdf) -- New Researchers must complete this course to receive start up funding


General Research Forms and Information

  • Summer Salary 2017 (pdf) (doc) -- Use this form to request up to three months of summer salary. You must have valid account numbers from which to draw all support money.

  • Extra and Supplemental Compensastion on Sponsored Projects: 
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (pdf) -- You must disclose any potential conflicts of financial interest that exist for any of your research projects. Complete this form and include it with the Proposal Routing Sheet and your proposal when you route it for administrative signatures. 

  • Proposal Routing Sheet (pdf) -- Please download and complete this form, attach it to your research proposal, and route it for administrative signatures BEFORE submitting it to a funding agency.



New Mexico Tech is an approved Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI). 


Graduate Assistant Contract

All contracts, forms, and guidelines for hiring graduate students are available on the Graduate Studies Office webpages.


Human Subjects Research Policies and Documents

All information and forms related to Human Subjects Research are now located on the IRB webpage.

Please be aware that federal law requires you to receive IRB approval before you start any research project that uses human subjects. This type of research must also follow specific federal rules and guidelines to receive IRB approval. See the IRB webpages or contact New Mexico Tech's IRB Administrator for more information.


Export Compliance Program

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMT) is committed to complying with all applicable export control laws and regulations. These controls have become increasingly prevalent in the modern research community, resulting in the need for appropriate university compliance and oversight. The purpose of the NMT Export Control Compliance Program is to provide this oversight and help faculty, staff and students understand their responsibility for export control compliance. 

New Mexico Tech has a subscription to Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). There are various trainings available including export control. Please visit citiprogram.org. If you do not have account please register for an account under New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. The Export Compliance courses available have various modules that are applicable depending on your role and what type of research you are doing.

Violation of U.S. Export Controls are punishable by fines, prison time, and debarment. These penalties apply to the individual (faculty, staff or students) and the institution (NMT). The most important risk mitigation strategy is comprehensive oversight of export-controlled activities to proactively manage compliance. Any questions or comments should be directed to Carlos Romero at: carlos.romero@nmt.edu.