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What is included in this page???

Commencement details such as graduation and walking lists, graduate information, Department Awards, and the monthly conferral lists of those students who have graduated in the past.



Caps and gowns will be available for pick up the first week in May, starting May 1st 8am through May 10th by 5pm.  

They have to be signed for; if you cannot pick up your own gown, please make arrangements for someone to pick them up on your behalf and let our office know who we should expect.



Date: May 13, 2017

Time: 9:00am

Location: North Lawn of Brown Hall


Parking Map



Parking Map:


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Information for Students


If you are planning on graduating in May, you will need to make sure you have filled out an "Intent to Graduate"; if you haven't done so and still need to, you can click the link above or come by the registrar's office and pick one up. 

     - Graduation Newsletter

     - Student Exit Form

     - Student Satisfaction Survey

     - Instructions for Graduates 

     - Program Order Form

Student line up begins at 8:00am and graduation begins at 9:00am.  Students will need to check in at the check-in table which will be located in front of the signs with line-up lists, and will also need to be in line 15 minutes prior to the ceremony starting for a final check-in.

   - PLEASE DO NOT leave any bags or backpacks unattended for security reasons, thanks for your cooperation!

   - There is NO rehearsal for Commencement.

   - Programs are being limited to one per person but can be ordered.

   - Students are also being required to participate in the commencement immediately following their completion. We are no longer allowing students to participate in walking who have graduated from the previous years and chose to not walk at that time. 


Cap & Gowns and Graduation Announcements:


   - Caps and Gowns are ordered by our office and distributed the 1st week in May.  If you are needing to order a cap and gown to can click here for the form, or come down to the registrars office and pick one up.

    - Caps and gowns need to be picked up in person as they are required to be signed for.  We require them to be signed out so we know caps and gowns are going to those who put an order in for them, and as preliminary confirmation that the student will be walking.

   - They need to be picked up no later than the Wednesday before commencement as our office is CLOSED on Thursday and Friday.  If you cannot pick your cap and gown up, please send someone in on your behalf, and notify us of who to expect.

      - cap and gown order form

   - You can double check to make sure that you are on the walking list for commencement and that your cap and gown is ordered by checking the walking list below.  If your name does not appear and you are planning on participating, you will need to bring or send a completed cap and gown order form to the registrar office.

   - Graduation Announcements are ordered at the students or parents descretion. You can order announcements through NMT bookstore or through Jostens.


Live Video Streaming/ Public Wireless Access:

   -Graduation ceremony will be available live for anyone wanting to watch it from home, or via a wireless device, as free public wireless will be available to the public during commencement.  The link below is where the live steaming can be watched.


Link for live streaming to NMT's commencement is the following:  https://goo.gl/Pzouq3.


   -After the ceremony is done there will be a station set up with a microphone, so students can send a shout-out to family and friends watching the live feed at home or wherever they are.  If you would like to send a shout-out; EODI will have a station set up near the front of the stage.



Information for Parents

The Graduation ceremony
will start at 9:00am and will be approximately 2 hours. Reception to follow immediately after on the lawn North of Brown Hall.

- Graduation Announcements: The responsibilty of annoucement ordering is done by the student/parents, and can be done either through the NMT Bookstore or through Jostens.

Graduation Programs: We are asking for families to only take one program per person.  If you are needing more or would like more than one program, we would like for you to order them from us.  We are limiting orders to 5 per person...  If you are wanting more than one program you can download here and order more. 

-Graduate seating: We ask all those who are a non-graduate (parent, child, etc.) to please not sit or stand in graduate seating.  



 - Limited seating is provided ( on a first come first served basis), spectators are encouraged to bring seating as commencement is held out doors on NMT's lawn.

 - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) seating and arrangements: If you are needing seating for someone with a disability, please fill out the seat reservation form.  We are going to have a seating section reserved for anyone with a disability with one other person allowed to sit in that section as well.

 - Commencement is open to all, any number of family members may attend!  Please be seated 15 minutes prior to commencement, as we are scheduled to begin at 9:00 am sharp.


Plan For Bad Weather:

  - Bad weather PLAN B information here.

this is in case of bad weather and commencement is needing to be moved indoors.

  - Family not able to physically attend can also view the Graduation Ceremony via live feed through the following link ( this can be because of either bad weather, etc.)       


Link for live streaming to NMT's commencement is the following:  https://goo.gl/Pzouq3.















 Walking List- Preliminary

 List includes current spring 2017 graduates and graduates from summer 2016, fall 2016 and those completed between those times.

2017 Commencement Walking List- Preliminary- posted 5/10/17 @ 2:06 pm



Graduation List

This is list is of those students you will be completing their degrees in May 2017.

2017 Graduation List PRELIMINARY-posted 5/9/17 @ 4:40pm

(these are students who are completing their studies in Spring 2017, does not include students who have already completed in the months prior to May 2017.)

Degrees Conferred by the Board of Regents