Preparedness Information

1.  Emergency Preparedness – Emergency preparedness begins at the basic level:  What should one do to prepare oneself?  Assess your surroundings:  what hazards do you face?  Prepare a plan on how what to do in an emergency.  Acquire items needed to sustain you such as food, water, flashlight, batteries, identification, medications, money, et cetera.  Follow the same steps anytime you enter a new environment.  
a. Personal Preparedness

  • Know your surroundings
  • Have a plan
  • Have a kit

b. Campus Preparedness

  • Know your location
  • Know evacuation plans
  • Know how to contact NMT Campus Police Department
    (575) 835-5555 or 911 from a campus phone
  • Know where the nearest fire alarm is located
  • Opt in for text message alerts. This can be done on Banweb in the secure area under "Personal Information."

2.  In case of Emergency – If you encounter an emergency situation, take care of yourself first.  The NMT Campus Police Department is available 24/7 and provides more than law enforcement response.  In addition, they also provide:   vehicle assistance; safety escorts to any campus location; crime prevention programs; bicycle registration; and fingerprinting.  
a. If you find yourself in an emergency situation you should:

  • Make yourself safe
  • Warn others of the situation
  • Call Campus Police

(575) 835-5555 or 911 from a campus phone

3.  NMT Communication Systems - The primary way that NMT can provide emergency updates to students, faculty, and staff are through these methods:  
a. Obtain information from:

4.  Shelter In Place – In some instances, it is safer to shelter in place and wait for further instructions.  Shelter in place orders is given to protect people from going to a dangerous area.  Chemical accidents and weather emergencies may make it dangerous to go outside.   Shelter in place means that you make a shelter of where you are located and make yourself safe in the this location.  If you are instructed to Shelter in Place:

  • Remain calm
  • Move away from windows and glass
  • If possible, take a radio with you to monitor the news
  • Lock the door and wait for instructions
  • If possible, check for text or email alerts, or the NMT webpage for updates and instructions
  • Do not call 911 or NMT Campus Police for information.  If you are trapped or need assistance please call NMT Campus Police at (575) 835-5555 or 911 from a campus phone
  • Do not leave your room unless your are instructed by a emergency service personnel

5.  Additional Safety Precautions

  • Develop a phone call tree for your department or residence hall
  • Practice your evacuation plans with friends and coworkers until everyone knows the plan
  • Review and revise plans regularly to include new people and room changes
  • Share emergency alert information from the text or email alert system with those who have not received the information
  • Update your emergency contact information