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  The travel office is located in Wells 126. If you need any more information please  contact:

   Monika (Moni) Apodaca

   Travel Office Senior Accounting Technician

   Office: 575-835-5297

   Fax: 575-835-6722

    E-mail: monika.apodaca@nmt.edu


   Barbara Reynolds 

   Travel Office Specialist II

   Office: 575-835-5213

   Fax: 575-835-6722

   E-mail: barbara.reynolds@nmt.edu


   Student Workers:

   Bobbi Taylor

   Office:  575-835-5789

   Fax:  575-835-6722

   Email:  bobbi.taylor@nmt.edu


   Anthony Salazar

   Office: 575-835-5789

   Fax: 575-835-6722

   E-mail: anthony.salazar@nmt.edu