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Greetings from the Graduate Dean

Dear Graduate Students,

As you consider your future and plan a graduate program, consider where your passion lies and how you want to spend your time in the future. Your graduate program should feed your passion and prepare you for your best future. We want to assist you in achieving your dreams. NMT has a proven record of educating science and engineering students who's performance surpasses requirements and expectations. Whether your research is transdisciplinary or pure theory in a single discipline, you can build your foundation, develop new science or engineering, and publish results that change our understanding of the universe. If your passion flows from science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM), that opportunity awaits you here at NMT.

NMT's graduate community includes Masters and Ph.D. students, faculty, researchers (both on and off campus), departmental staff, and the Center for Graduate Studies. This community focuses on research, education, and graduate student success. Know that you are at the center of NMT's graduate community and the future of STEM. As you pursue your advanced degree, you will face challenges and opportunities, but we hope you will ultimately exceed our expectations and go on to excellence in your career.  Face your challenges head on and revel in your opportunities in preparation for your exciting future. 

The Center for Graduate Studies is here to provide support for our graduate students and the rest of our graduate community. ,If you have questions or you need assistance, stop in to see us or for an appointment. 

 Lorie M. Liebrock 
   Dean of Graduate Studies

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