NM Tech Capital Campaign off to a Strong Start, Sept. 25, 2002

SOCORRO, N.M., September 17, 2002 -- A major-gifts fundraising campaign at New Mexico Tech has hit its stride after entering a "public phase" this year and is well on its way to fulfilling the university's goal of raising $5 million in private donations.

After having started with a "silent phase" over a year ago, New Mexico Tech's "Commitment to Excellence" campaign has now garnered slightly more than $4 million in cash, gifts, and pledges, reports Steve Bobinsky, director of both the New Mexico Tech Advancement Office and Tech's fundraising campaign.

"But though our base goal is $5 million, our challenge goal is $8 million, so we've still got a long way to go before we wrap up our campaign in April 2003," Bobinsky says.

The objectives of New Mexico Tech's Commitment to Excellence campaign are to increase faculty endowments; strengthen instructional laboratory support; boost student scholarships and fellowships; improve online library resources; and expand the
university's Etscorn Campus Observatory.

"Although this is a state-supported research university, less than 30 percent of New Mexico Tech's operating budget comes from state sources," says Tech President Daniel H. López. "It is left up to the university itself, its students, its alumni, and all its other supporters to make up the rest."

"While the Commitment to Excellence campaign's primary focus is on obtaining additional financial resources, another important component of the campaign is education -- specifically educating everyone on campus, as well as Tech alumni, on the mutual benefits that are derived from planned giving," says Bobinsky.

"New Mexico Tech's renowned academic programs, research facilities, and scholastic reputation are the direct results of past support from alumni, parents, private foundations, state and federal funding, and friends and supporters of the university,"
Bobinsky relates.

"And at the same time we're conducting this major gifts campaign, we're also extending our gratitude to all these past supporters -- who are too numerous to name -- by acknowledging their special support as we look forward to continuing New Mexico Tech's continuing legacy of commitment to excellence," he adds.



Tech alumni and friends interested in participating in the Capital Campaign should contact Steve Bobinsky, Director of Advancement, 505-835-5475 or sbobinsky@admin.nmt.edu