NMT Geoscientists Present Research at GSA, Oct. 25, 2002

SOCORRO, N.M., October 25, 2002 -- A relatively large "traveling team" of New Mexico Tech geoscientists is scheduled to present talks at the 114th annual meeting of the Geological Society of America (GSA), which is being held Sunday, October 27 through Wednesday, October 30, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

In all, twenty-three New Mexico Tech professors, researchers, and graduate students will give scientific presentations on some of their cutting-edge research studies at the annual convention of more than 6,300 geoscientists from throughout the world. The presentations include a variety of talks, discussions, meetings, and poster displays.

The New Mexico Tech geoscientists making presentations at next week's GSA annual meeting in Denver (along with the titles of their presentations) are:


  • Fred M. Phillips, "What Made Glaciers Grow? A New Answer from Comparing Big Glaciers with Little Ones,"
  • Michael R. Breese, "Mineralogy of the Questa Molybdenite Deposit, Taos County, New Mexico,"
  • Penelope J. Boston, "The Real River Styx: The Karst- Controlled Biogeography of Subsurface Life,"
  • Steven M. Cather, "Early Laramide Deformation in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado,"
  • Matthew T. Heizler, "Slow Cooling, or Reheating: Can the Southwest U.S.A. Thermochronological Data be Reconciled?,"
  • Meghan L. Jackson, "Geochemistry of Water and Stream Sediments in the Upper Red River, Taos County, New Mexico,"
  • Virginia T. McLemore, "Geochemistry and Geochronology of Proterozoic Comingled Jack Creek Rapakivi Granite and Minette in the Northern Burro Mountains, Grant County, New Mexico,"
  • Harold J. Tobin, "Multi-Disciplinary Solid Earth Science below the Waterline: The Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Borehole Observatory as an EarthScope Analog,"
  • Shari A. Kelley, "Evidence for Elevated Regional Heat Flow during Late Oligocene Time on the Southern High Plain,"
  • Lewis A. Land, "Geophysical Mapping of Coastal Plain Aquifers Using the Time Domain Electromagnetic Method,"
  • Marshall Reiter, "Geothermal Studies of Ground-Water Flow Characteristics, Albuquerque Basin,"
  • Suzanne K. Mills, "Deep Thoughts: What is the Influence of Deep Groundwater Discharge on Salinization of the Rio Grande?,"
  • John L. Wilson, "Modeling Investigation of Mountain Front Recharge from Typical Mountain Blocks,"
  • Sam Earman, "Hydrogeologic Framework and Groundwater Characteristics, San Bernardino Valley, Arizona and Sonora,"
  • Sean D. Connell, "Late Cenozoic Record of Climatic and Tectonic Changes at the Junction of the Southeastern Colorado
    Plateau, Southern Rocky Mountains and Central Rio Grande Rift,"
  • Charles E. Chapin, "Late Cretaceous-Cenozoic Evolution of the Southern Rocky Mountains,"
  • Richard M. Chamberlin, "Westward Migrating Ignimbrite Calderas and a Large Radiating Mafic Dike Swarm of Oligocene Age, Central Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico: Surface Expression of an Upper Mantle Diapir?,"
  • Christian B. Krueger, "Mining Districts Databases of New Mexico,"
  • Laurel B. Goodwin, "Integrating Data from Low and High Strain Domains to Evaluate Partitioning and Constrain 3-D
  • Peter S. Mozley, "Mode of Growth of Elongate Concretions,"
  • Laura Jean Wilcox, "Evaluation of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions in the Middle Rio Grande Basin,"
  • Jan M. H. Hendrickx, "Soil Hydrology and Runoff in the Rio Chagres Watershed, Panama,"
  • J. Bruce J. Harrison, "Soil Influences on Hillslope Hydrology, Rio Chagres Watershed, Panama."