Dr. Jill Buckley

SOCORRO, N.M., July 15, 2002 -- Dr. Jill Buckley, senior scientist at New Mexico Tech's Petroleum Recovery Research Center, recently won the Technical Achievement Award for 2002 of the Society of Core Analysts (SCA).

The award is the SCA's highest honor and only award for technical achievement. It is bestowed annually upon a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of core analysis technology.

Dr. Buckley is leader of the Petrophysics and Surface Chemistry Group at PRRC. Her research interests focus on the interactions between crude oils and their surroundings, with emphasis on mechanisms of wettability alteration, effects on immiscible fluid displacements, and the colloidal and wetting properties of asphaltenes.

The SCA serves all scientists who use or obtain reservoir evaluation information from rock and core samples. The Society of Core Analysts is a division of the Society of Professional Well Log Analysts, an organization dedicated to the advancement of the science of petrophysics and formation evaluation, and to the service of scientists in the petroleum and mineral industries.