Scott Zeeman and Mark Samuels

SOCORRO, N.M., April 9, 2002 -- "PARTISANS' PERSPECTIVE . . ." New Mexico Tech professors Scott Zeman (left) and Mark Samuels (right) are co-authors of a forthcoming article in the international journal Film & History. The article, titled "The Truth of a Madman: Collective Memory and Representation of the Holocaust in The Partisans of Vilna and the Documentary Genre," examines the role that documentary films play in shaping collective memories of the Holocaust, specifically analyzing the award-winning 1986 film The Partisans of Vilna. Zeman and Samuels's article grew out of an interdisciplinary course the two Tech faculty members taught a few semesters past at the university, which focused on memory and historical reconstruction. Zeman is an assistant professor of history at New Mexico Tech; while Samuels is an associate professor of psychology at the school.