George Anastas, health physicist and nuclear engineer with the Environmental Evaluation Group (EEG) of New Mexico Tech, recently received a letter of commendation from the organizers of the New Mexico Homeland Security “Combating Terrorism” Conference, which was held during the last week of October at the Isleta Pueblo Conference Center.

Anastas was cited for his numerous contributions made during the conference, including work done as a member of the conference’s business committee and for securing scholarships for some of the conference participants.

“Mr. Anastas was solely responsible for successfully petitioning the New Mexico Office of Homeland Security for scholarship monies that allowed over 100 first responders to attend the conference—people who otherwise would have been unable to attend,” wrote Thomas J. Allard, director of homeland security at Sandia National Laboratories, which along with New Mexico Tech were co-sponsors of the “Combating Terrorism” conference.

More than 500 first responders attended the national conference, receiving training in topics ranging from incident command, to chemical and biological methodology, to lessons learned from prior terrorist events.