by George Zamora

SOCORRO – Nicole Ramig, a New Mexico Tech senior majoring in physics with an atmospheric option, recently was named the recipient of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) 75th Anniversary Scholarship.

Ramig, the daughter of Rory Ramig and Karla Christensen of Westminster, Colo., is a graduate of Westminster’s Horizon Senior High School.

Ramig was selected for the $2,000 scholarship award on the basis of her demonstrated academic excellence at the state-supported research university in Socorro, as well as for her research work in analyzing data obtained from weather radar and New Mexico Tech’s lightning mapping array (LMA).

After having worked for more than two years as an undergraduate research assistant for the university’s Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research, she recently redesigned a weather balloon “cut-down package,” which allows monitoring equipment to be remotely released from weather balloons that are sent aloft into thunderstorms.

In addition to her recent AMS Scholarship, Ramig also is the recipient of the New Mexico Tech Department of Physics Award for demonstrated academic excellence during her junior year and the department’s Brook Award, also for exhibited scholarship.

Ramig is a member of the Tech student chapter of AMS and also is a member and treasurer of the university’s Aditi Natesa Belly Dance and Drum Club. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels.

“New Mexico Tech has an excellent physics and atmospheric physics department, faculty, and course offerings,” Ramig says.