SOCORRO, N.M., - The New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources (NMBGMR) is sponsoring the first New Mexico Earth Science Achievement Award to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to advancing or facilitating the role of geoscience in education, research, public service, and public policy in New Mexico.

Nominations are due by November 1, 2003, and can be submitted by anyone. Contributions should correspond with any or all of the following criteria: Nominees must have made a major scientific contribution that advances understanding of geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, geophysics, or some related discipline in New Mexico; must have a long-standing commitment to advance the understanding of the earth science systems of New Mexico; must have made a major impact on the education of earth science in New Mexico; must have facilitated the study of earth science in New Mexico; and must have championed and/or implemented important earth science policy in New Mexico. Current employees of NMBGMR are not eligible for consideration as potential award recipients.

For more information concerning the New Mexico Earth Science Achievement Award, including detailed information on the nomination process, please call Loretta Tobin at (505) 835-5302, or e-mail, bureau@gis.nmt.edu. Nomination forms are available on the NMBGMR web page at http://www.geoinfo.nmt.edu/education/scholarships/esaa, or by calling Loretta Tobin. For more information on the NMBGMR, visit the Bureau's website at http://geoinfo.nmt.edu.