SOCORRO, N.M., September 25, 2003 -- New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson announced today that he has appointed New Mexico Tech President Daniel H. López as the co-chair of the 30-member search committee that has been tasked with nominating a candidate, or candidates, for the newly created Cabinet-level position of State Secretary of Education.

López will share co-chairing duties with fellow Richardson appointee Leslie Boggs, president of New Mexico PTA.

“Each and every member of this search committee is a proven leader in New Mexico,” López said, “and, as such, will be able to provide invaluable input in the selection process, as we all work together to submit the best possible candidate for the Governor’s consideration.”

Although Governor Richardson did not set specific criteria for the search committee to consider in its potential candidates, he conveyed to co-chairs López and Boggs that committee members should strive to find someone who has strong leadership skills, has a full understanding of the New Mexico public and higher education systems, with a deep appreciation of the state’s educational funding structure, and has a broad grasp of the complexities of the diverse environments in which New Mexico pursues its educational mission.

“I’d like to personally thank Governor Richardson for exhibiting exemplary leadership, vision, and trust in delegating this important task in securing the best person for this critically important position,” López said.