by Rachel Armstrong

SOCORRO, N.M., November 19, 2003 — The most recent issue of New Mexico Geology focuses on the study of “Pecos diamonds” along the Pecos River valley in southeastern New Mexico.

The study, which the article “Pecos diamonds—quartz and dolomite crystals from the Seven Rivers Formation outcrops of southeastern New Mexico” details, analyzes the composition, distribution, and history of Pecos diamonds in southeastern New Mexico.

“Pecos diamonds,” the article states, “also known as Pecos valley diamonds are colorful . . . quartz crystals that occur in scattered outcrops of the Permian Seven Rivers Formation . . . along the Pecos River valley in southeastern New Mexico.” The article continues to explain that they are “unique for their large size, variable color, and crystal morphologies.”

Another article in the geology journal, “Arsenic concentration and mass flow rate in natural waters of the Valles caldera and Jemez Mountains region, New Mexico,” details a study of arsenic concentrations and mass flow rates along the Jemez River and the Rio Grande in north-central New Mexico.

The periodical also includes a description of new New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources (NMBGMR) publications, which include the Geologic Map of New Mexico, 1:500,000 and Albuquerque: A Guide to its Geology and Culture.

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