George Anastas, Health Physicist and Nuclear Engineer with the Environmental Evaluation Group(EEG) of New Mexico Tech, was recently honored by the Department of Homeland Security. Over the past several years Mr. Anastas has been working with the Office of Domestic Preparedness in marshalling the resources of the Health Physics Society to assist in the training and delivery of radiation detection equipment to First Responders. This effort is called the Homeland Defense Equipment Reuse (HDER) Program. The Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Mr. Anastas at the 48th Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society by Mr. Kerry Thomas, Acting Assistant Director, Office of Domestic Preparedness, US Department of Homeland Security.

As of June 1, 2003 the HDER Program redeployed over 1600 pieces of surplus equipment, valued at more than $929,600 to emergency responder agencies in the Washington (DC), Philadelphia, New York City, Detroit, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, And Dallas metropolitan areas.

For more information read: Homeland Defense Equipment Reuse (HDER) Program: a report on the pilot phase.