SOCORRO - Winners have been announced for the 51st Annual New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair, held at New Mexico Tech. Tech, the state's leading college in science and engineering, hosts the fair every year.

Four Grand Award winners, who have been chosen from the Senior Division entries (grades 9 - 12), will attend the International Science and Engineering Fair, held in Cleveland, Ohio on May 11 - 17. Alternates have also been chosen, in case the winners cannot attend the fair. The Albuquerque Journal sponsors the winners' trip.

The Grand Award winners, Senior Division, are:


Daniel C. Appel of Eldorado High School in Albuquerque, for the project "Electroenzymatic Biofuel Cells II"

Vincent T. Metzger of Cibola High School in Albuquerque for the project " Polymer Possibilities Phase III: Biodegradable Cellulose for Wind Erosion Control"


Katie L. Liberatore, Rio Rancho High School, Rio Rancho, for the project "Examining S. Cerevisiae Mutations Phase II: DNA Damage Response and Relationship to Cancer"

Tristan V. Williams, Mayfield High School, Las Cruces, for the project "Gromphadorhina portentosa - Drug Bugs?"

Team project by Meilea Wertz, Zach Penn, and Mahlet Kabtamu of Deming High School, Deming, for the project, "Medicago sativa, Biosorbent for the Remediation of Arsenic V Contaminated Water"

The Alternates are:


Kevin E. Claytor of Los Alamos High School in Los Alamos for the project "An investigation of the properties of the plasma plume created by Laser Ablation"


In addition, there are two Grand Award winners in the Junior Division, who receive a scientific calculator, a $100 cash award, and a subscription to Science News. They are:


Brian C. Davenport, a homeschooled student from Los Alamos, for the project "Dead Reckoning Biomimetric Robot Navigation to Learn and Reproduce a Path to a Target"


Susannah L. Clary of Raymond Gabaldon Intermediate School, Los Lunas, for the project "Age and Morphological Differences between Male and Female Kokanee Salmon"