Currently registered regular students may register online at https://banweb.nmt.edu or in person at the Registrar's Office, Brown Hall, room 100. (Students who have not yet matriculated will register at . Community College students should register in person.)


Summer 2004 classes
  Fall 2004 classes
Monday, April 19
Graduate Students and Tech Scholars
Monday, April 26
Tuesday, April 20
Tuesday, April 27
Wednesday, April 21
Wednesday, April 28
Thursday, April 22
Thursday, April 29
Friday, April 23
Freshmen and Special Students
Friday, April 30


Beginning May 1, preregistration for both summer and fall continues until Registration Day, Aug. 23, 2004.

Complete instructions for registering online are available at http://www.nmt.edu/registrar/info/onlinereg.htm. Banweb registration begins each day at 6 a.m. and ends at 11 p.m. Don't forget to obtain your Alternate PIN from your advisor.

Banweb Registration Error Messages Explained

The “Registration Errors” box lists those classes you tried unsuccessfully to register for. The Status column explains why you were not able to register for the class.

  • Coreq Required: You must register for both the class and its corequisite. For example, CHEM 121L is a corequisite for CHEM 121. You cannot register for CHEM 121 without simultaneously registering for CHEM 121L.
  • Time Conflict: Two classes you attempted to register for have overlapping meeting times or start/end at the same time. The error message will state which CRN the rejected class conflicts with. The Registrar’s Office will override this error with no further paperwork. It is up to you to make arrangements with your instructors.
  • Prerequisite and Test Score Error: You do not have one or more of the prerequisites for a class. Bring a signed prerequisite waiver to the Registrar’s Office. Classes you are currently enrolled in fulfill preregistration requirements.
  • Closed Section: The class is at maximum capacity. Bring a course override form signed by the instructor to the Registrar’s Office.
  • CRN does not exist: Check that you entered the correct CRN and that you are registering in the correct semester. CRNs for summer classes begin with 10000; fall classes, 20000; and spring classes, 30000.
  • Campus Restriction: Only distance education students may register for the class. Contact the Educational Outreach and Distance Instruction Office, Weir 105, about setting up an on-campus section.
  • Class Restriction: You must have completed a certain number of credit hours before you can register for the class. Some courses require that you have upper-class standing (junior or senior); others, that you are at least a sophomore. Class restrictions are listed in the catalog under course prerequisites. Bring a signed prerequisite override form to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Level Restriction: With very few exceptions, only graduate or dual-enrolled students can register for courses numbered 500, 581, 590, 591, and 595. Directed studies for undergraduate students are usually numbered 491.
  • Dupl Crse: You may not sign up for more than one section of an academic class, such as MATH 103. The Registrar’s Office will register you for different sections of PR or FA courses (such as Swing Dance and Tango) with no further paperwork.
  • Instructor Approval Req’d: Some courses, primarily directed studies, require the permission of the instructor. Bring a signed directed study form to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Must Register in Person: Web registration for the course is not permitted; you must register in the Registrar’s Office, Brown Hall, room 100.

Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office at 835-5000 or registrar@admin.nmt.edu.