by George Zamora

SOCORRO, N.M., March 19, 2004 – New Mexico Tech Vice President Van Romero has been named one of the state’s top business and economic development leaders in the cover article of the current issue of New Mexico Business Journal.

Romero, who is in charge of research and economic development at the university, was profiled in “The Players,” a special feature that identifies 14 prominent New Mexicans making up the monthly magazine’s first team of movers and shakers in state business and economic development.

“Known as ‘the go-to guy’ at New Mexico Tech, some of the projects that Dr. Van Romero has helped to obtain funding for are: The Magdalena Ridge Observatory ($50.8M); First Responder Training (Homeland Security) ($60M); and the International Law Enforcement Academy (Roswell) ($30M),” the article states. “One measure of the impact of these programs is that from them, New Mexico Tech generates more than 50,000 hotel night stays in New Mexico each year.”

The New Mexico Business Journal article also points out that Romero, in his capacity as one of the university’s chief administrators, “ . . . acts as an external advocate and representative for New Mexico Tech’s research activities, strongly encourages diversity and affirmative action, identifies research opportunities and actively encourages development of interdisciplinary research.”