NMT's PRRC Receives DoE Research Grant, Nov. 4, 2005

by Shawna Carter

SOCORRO, N.M., Nov. 1, 2005 — New Mexico Tech’s Petroleum Recovery Research Center (PRRC) was recently awarded a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research grant to assist in the creation of a database system that compiles accumulated data from northwestern New Mexico’s San Juan Basin gas and oil wells.

The research project, led by Martha Cather, Industrial Outreach Coordinator at the PRRC, started as a data recovery mission.

Over the years, a large amount of paper data on the San Juan Basin has been collected and stored in a number of public repositories, including the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, another research division at New Mexico Tech.

Cather and other researchers at the PRRC felt it would be useful if this data were compiled into a useful and useable database, which would allow researchers of all disciplines easy access to the information.

Currently, the PRRC research team is assessing the status of San Juan Basin data that is available in the public domain, and asking various petroleum engineers and researchers what information they feel would be most relevant and useful to have in the new database.

When completed, the database system will contain information on the characteristics of oil and gas wells in the San Juan Basin, as well as information about special core analyses performed on specific wells in the basin.

The DOE research grant totals $516,000 for the 24-month duration of the San Juan Basin data recovery project.