New Mexico Tech and Missouri State sign teaming agreement, Nov. 1, 2005

Presidents signing

by George Zamora

Right: NM Tech President Daniel H. López (left) and Missouri State President Michael T. Nietzel share a light moment during the recent signing of the teaming agreement.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Officials from New Mexico Tech and Missouri State University signed off last week on a teaming agreement in hopes of establishing a variety of science and technology programs of mutual interest at the two universities, including the expansion of several training programs for first responders.

The collaborative agreement is considered a first step in initiating an ongoing cooperation between the two schools to develop and expand their mutual research, education, and training interests; market each other’s programs, facilities, and capabilities; and identify and obtain appropriate funding resources.

“We are delighted to have an opportunity to collaborate with Missouri State University on this exciting venture,” said New Mexico Tech President Daniel H. López. “New Mexico Tech is well-positioned to add value to the existing expertise at Missouri State University in producing a high-quality curriculum to train competent personnel, coordinate safety training, and find resolution to problems in a real-life battlefield environment.”

According to the agreement, New Mexico Tech and Missouri State University will pursue several objectives as part of a team effort. These objectives include, but are not limited to the following:

  • developing accredited training programs, national guidelines, and classroom/field curricula for first responders to include police, firefighters, special weapons and tactics teams, and emergency medical personnel;
  • conducting test and evaluation programs and activities relating to microelectronics technologies;
  • investigating engineering solutions for resolving various microelectronics obsolescence and diminishing sources of supply problems;
  • developing and conducting joint activities for high-power microwave research and engineering programs; and
  • collaborating on other science, technology, and training programs of mutual interest to the two universities.

“In addition to the collaboration with Missouri State University, we are confident that this endeavor will expand the already existing expertise at New Mexico Tech in areas of homeland security, ultimately resulting in more highly trained, well-equipped first responders,” said Tech President López.