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Fred Phillips Receives GSA's Kirk Bryan Award, Dec. 19, 2005
Texas Explosives Company to Use EMRTC Testing Facility, Dec. 9, 2005
NM Tech's PRRC Uses Nanotechnology to Monitor Gases, Dec. 6, 2005
Hispanic Outlook Magazine Lists NM Tech as a Publisher's Pick, Dec. 1, 2005
New Mexico Tech Student Dies in Motorcycle Accident, Nov. 15, 2005
NM Tech Grad Student Studies Water Decontamination Process, Nov. 22, 2005
NM Tech professor garners DOE research grant, Nov. 21, 2005
Lopez is SHPE Guest Speaker, Nov. 15, 2005
Broadband Instruction: Distance Education at New Mexico Tech, Nov. 11, 2005
NM Tech undergrad takes second at AMP research competition, Nov. 11, 2005
NM Tech Students Help Study Questa Mine, Nov. 8, 2005
NM Tech Grad Student Wins Best Poster Award at SLICE, Nov. 9, 2005
NMT's PRRC Receives DoE Research Grant, Nov. 4, 2005
New Mexico Tech and Missouri State sign teaming agreement, Nov. 1, 2005
Minor earthquake felt near Socorro, Oct. 31, 2005
N. M. Tech Professor Awarded Prestigious Scientific Award, Oct. 27, 2005
French school teachers come to Tech to study Rio Grande Rift, Oct. 20, 2005
Socorro Hamfest Marks 75 Years of Local Ham Radio, Oct. 20, 2005
NM Tech Undergrad To Assist with Field Study in Antarctica, Oct. 18, 2005
NMT geoscientists present research at GSA annual meeting, Oct. 14, 2005
Student-Painted Mural Graces NM Tech Campus Observatory, Oct. 3, 2005
NM Tech to Install New Hot Water System, Oct. 9, 2005
NMT Student Dies in Roll-Over Car Accident, Oct. 3, 2005
NM Tech President Lopez Named Again as NM Power Broker, Oct. 5, 2005
Nobel Laureate Visits, Oct. 3, 2005
NM Tech Children's Center Endowment Fund off to Great Start, Sept. 27, 2005
New Mexico Tech Professor Publishes Book on Jewish Struggle, Sept. 23, 2005
Tech Grad Student Garners Best Poster Award at LANL Meeting, Sept. 23, 2005
NMT Welcomes Fulbright Scholar, Sept. 15, 2005
Taber of PRRC Granted New Patent, Sept. 19, 2005
Humanities Department Holds Picnic, Sept. 15, 2005
New Mexico Tech Professor Compiles Book on Dalton's Poetry, Sept. 14, 2005
New Mexico Tech Women's Resource Center Hosts Luncheon, Sept. 13, 2005
New Mexico Tech Implements First-Year Computer Boot Camp, Aug. 30, 2005
New Mexico Tech Math Faculty and Students Attend MathFest, Aug. 12, 2005
New Mexico Tech Named One of Princeton Review's Best Colleges, Aug. 23, 2005
U.S News & World Report Ranks New Mexico Tech, Aug. 23, 2005
N M Tech Geochem Professor Presents Mantle Plume Research, Aug. 12, 2005
NM Tech's Skeen Library Hosts Lecture and Exhibit Series, July 5, 2005
NMT Signs Agreement with Honors Center of Italian Universities, May 12, 2005
New Mexico Tech Revises Strategic Agreement with SAIC, May 6, 2005
Phillips Chosen For Award, Aug. 8, 2005
New Mexico Tech Names New VP of Student-University Relations, Aug. 4,2005
CSI: Socorro, July 29, 2005
NM Tech Distance Education Program Implements New Software, July 15, 2005
CRONUS-Earth Project Seeks To Improve Accuracy of Geo-Dating, July 14, 2005
N M Tech Professors Co-Author Chapters in Rio Chagres Book, July 13, 2005
Taber Honored for Patent, July 6, 2005
The Amazing Randi to Speak, July 6, 2005
Socorro Student Achieves Perfect Score on National ACT Exam, July 6, 2005
Cramer Hall Renovation in Works, June 13, 2005
NMT Receives $2.3 Million Contract, June 7, 2005
NM Tech Grad Student To Attend Nobel Laureates Convention, May 27, 2005
NM Tech President Lopez Receives Spirit of Achievement Award, May 4, 2005
Student Appreciation Awards 2005, May 3, 2005
Bureau to Host Decision-Makers Field Conference, May 3, 2005
Tech Team Successfully Participates in Math Modeling Contest, April 29, 2005
2005 New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair, April 9, 2005
Regents Approve Roofing Contract, March 23, 2005
Fund Named for Saracini, March 23, 2005
Lopez a Guest at 2005 Spirit of Achievement Award Dinner, March 23, 2005
N M Tech Buildings Evacuated as Result of Chemical Spill, March 22, 2005
N M Tech Robotics Researcher Jose Guilberto Found Dead, March 18, 2005
Geophysicist at NM Bureau of Geology Has Research Published, March 17, 2005
New Mexico Tech Geophysicist Named Distinguished Lecturer, March 11, 2005
Audubon Masterpiece at NM Tech Made More User-Friendly, March 9, 2005
Albuquerque Academy Intelletes Win State Science Olympiad, Feb. 28, 2005
The Rio Grande Rift: A Continent "Stretched Like Taffy", Feb. 23, 2005
NMT Participants in Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon, Feb. 23, 2005
New Mexico's Top "Intelletes" Vie for Science Olympiad Gold, Feb. 21, 2005
LANL Announces Scholarship to Summer Science Program at NMT, Feb. 21, 2005
NMT Doctoral Candidate Wins Costa Rica's Top Science Award, Feb. 14, 2005
N M Tech Professors Are Authors of Newly Published Books, Feb. 14, 2005
New Mexico Tech Awarded "Best Collegiate Blood Drive", Feb. 9, 2005
Geochronology Lab Dates 4.5 Million-Year-Old Hominid Fossils, Feb. 7, 2005
Michaella Gorospe Appointed Student Regent at N. M. Tech, Feb. 7, 2005
C. B. Moore Elected AGU Fellow, Feb. 7, 2005
NM Tech and NM State Sign Agreement on Playas Facility, Jan 27, 2005
New Mexico Earth Science Achievement Awards Announced, Jan. 17, 2005
ILEA-Roswell Groundbreaking Held, Jan. 17, 2005
Groundbreaking Set for ILEA Building, Jan. 12, 2005
New Faculty Members Join NMT, Aug. 15, 2005
Winners of 2005 Science and Engineering Fair Announced, April 9, 2005