Tech Honors Employees For Service Milestones

SOCORRO, N.M. December 14, 2009 -- New Mexico Tech administrators hosted a special banquet Wednesday, Dec. 16, at Macey Center to recognize employees for their milestones.

University president Dr. Daniel H. Lopez welcomed employees and retirees, thanked them for their service to Tech and applauded their contributions. Lopez said New Mexico Tech continues to offer excellent education and research because of the dedicated employees.

The 2009 retirees who were honored at a special Service Award Banquet at Macey Center on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

“The real quality of an institution is clearly defined in difficult economic times,” Lopez said. “New Mexico Tech, over the past 18 months, through the active support of all employees, has demonstrated that we have a real team.

New Mexico Tech is a quality institution because of the staff and faculty, Lopez said. In each department and division, people do their part to contribute to the quality programs in education and in research, he said.

“This banquet is to say, ‘Thank you,’ for your years of service,” he said. “We owe our thanks to all employees, but we particularly want to recognize those who are passing these milestones.”

JoAnn Salome, director of human resources gave awards for length of service and honored the 2009 retirees.

The Service Award Honorees

The Tech employees who celebrated 10 years of service during 2009.
The Tech employees who celebrated 15 years of service during 2009.
The Tech employees who celebrated 20 years of service during 2009.
The Tech employees who celebrated 25 years of service during 2009.

Ten Years of Service

  • Monika Apodaca, Senior Accounting Technician, Travel Department
  • Dr. Ivan Avramidi, math professor
  • Sandra Acevedo
  • Ernest Baca
  • Melissa Begay, Director of Physical Recreation
  • Andrew Carrillo, Irrigation Specialist, Facilities Management
  • Anita Cates, Manager of Photo Lab, EMRTC
  • Edward Chavez
  • Yvonne Chavez
  • Dr. Thomas Engler, Associate Professor, Petroleum Engineering
  • Michael Fort
  • Leo Gabaldon, Senior Cartographer, Bureau of Geology
  • Shawn Gonzales, Building Maintenance Associate, Facilities Management
  • Patricia Griego, Office Manager, Field Scheduler, IRIS PASSCAL
  • Dr. Bhaskar Majumdar, professor of materials engineering
  • Stephany Moore
  • Arsenior Ortega
  • Alan Perryman
  • Gregory Sanchez, Mechanics and Carpentry, Bureau of Geology
  • Peter Scholle, Director, Bureau of Geology
  • Melissa Tull, Grants and Contracts Manager, EMRTC
  • Pete Ulbricht, Staff Scientist for Seismic Sensors, IRIS
  • Steve Wallace
  • Scott Zeman, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Fifteen Year Awards

  • Dr. Robert Bond, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • James Chavez
  • Dr. Her-Yuan Chen, professor of chemical engineering
  • James Harrison
  • Chris Hefner, assistant state mine inspector, Bureau of Geology
  • Lynn Heizler, Senior Lab Associate, Bureau of Geology
  • Dr. Frank Huang, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering
  • Dr. Rafael Lara-Martinez, Professor of Humanities
  • Dr. Virgil Lueth, assistant director, Bureau of Geology
  • Daniel Lunceford, Manager Network Services, ISD
  • Dr. Subhasish Mazumdar, Professor of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Karla Moore, Assistant Director of the Center for Student Success
  • Gigi Ngo
  • Lisa Peters
  • John Shipman
  • Dr. Lawrence Teufel

Twenty Year Awards

  • Isaac Chavez
  • Bernadette Crespin, Buyer II, Purchasing Office
  • Glen Jones, Assistant Director of Computers, Bureau of Geology
  • Ernest Lopez, Instrument Technician III, EMRTC
  • Lonnie Marquez, Vice President of Administration and Finance
  • Anna McLain
  • George Murillo, Associate Director, Campus Police
  • Cecilia Saavedra
  • Dr. Hamdy Soliman, Professor of Computer Science
  • Dr. Ron Thomas, Professor of Electrical Engineering (and retiree)
  • Dr. David Westpfahl, Professor of Physics

Twenty-Five Year Awards

  • Gilbert Anaya
  • Ted Gonzales
  • Leroy Lawson, Test Range Gunner, EMRTC
  • Patrick Murillo, Supervisor of Plumbing and Mechanical Systems, Facilities Management
  • Dr. William Rison, Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • Linda Shell, Administrative Secretary II, Psychology & Education
  • Mike Stanley, EMRTC
  • Dr. John Wilson, Professor of Earth & Environmental Science

Thirty Year Awards

  • Charles Carlo Chavez, Experimental Machinist, EMRTC
  • James McLemore, Coordinator Instrument Tech II, PRRC

Thirty-Five Year Awards

  • Pedro Pete Sanchez, Manager of Mechanical Systems, Facilities Management

Fifty Year Award

  • Rufie Montoya, Supervisor Print Shop, ISD
     Carlo Chavez and James McLemore    Pedro Pete Sanchez
       Rufie Montoya


  • Louis Blackwell (7 years), Research Scientist, Research & Economic Development
  • James Evitt (10), Heavy Equipment Instructor, Facilities Management
  • Kathryn Glesener (18), Manager of Cartography and Senior Cartogropher, Bureau of Geology
  • Rosemary Medcalf (14), secretary for the Department of Management
  • Dr. Ronald Thomas (20), Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • Lupe Paz, (22) Test Range Leadman, EMRTC
  • Gilbert Anaya (25), Instrument Technician III, EMRTC
  • Chris Lopez (25), Test Range Leadman, EMRTC
  • Ruben Archuleta (29), Lab Tech II, Bureau of Geology
  • Lucy Chavez (43), Executive Assistant to the President                       

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By Thomas Guengerich/New Mexico Tech