KRQE Reports On Socorro Seismic Activity

SOCORRO, N.M. September 9, 2009 – Two small earthquakes and a swarm of more than 400 micro-quakes have shaken the ground around Socorro in recent weeks.

Channel 13 KRQE aired a two-minute report about the seismology of central New Mexico during its newscast Monday, Sept. 7, newscast. The report included an interview with geophysicist Dr. Rick Aster, the chair of the Earth and Environmental Science Department and footage of students deploying seismometers.

The first quake was a shallow magnitude 2.3 earthquake at 7:57 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 19. Aster said the quake occurred just 4 miles below the surface.

“That’s why it was felt so strongly in the immediate Socorro area even though it was a tiny earthquake,” Aster said. “It also created a loud boom that was heard throughout the area.”

Within a couple hours after this event, two aftershocks smaller than magnitude 1.0 had occurred, according to seismic technician Jana Stankova-Pursley.

The second quake was Sunday, Aug. 29, with the epicenter about seven miles northeast of Socorro and 3.1 miles below the surface and was a magnitude of 2.0.

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