Ten lucky teenagers will be selected to have a blast at New Mexico Tech this summer.

SOCORRO, N.M., March 30, 2009 – Ten lucky teenagers will be selected to have a blast at New Mexico Tech this summer. The 2009 EMRTC Explosives Camp is a weeklong event that includes classroom time, range time and field trips.

“In this day and age, the world needs more scientists who understand the basic science of explosives and the finer points of studying energetic materials,” Dr. Christa Hockensmith said. “We launched this new program because it’s important to develop future explosives’ experts and because the campers are going to have an experience they’ll never forget.”

Each day’s lessons will begin with a specific safety class. The intensive camp includes lessons in the history of explosives, the physics and chemistry of explosives and industrial and scientific applications of explosives.

“These students are going to have incredible amounts of fun,” Hockensmith said. “They will not only get to see explosions, but also they can set them up, detonate them, learn how to evaluate explosives in our chemistry laboratories and find out how to protect buildings.”

Each of the class lessons is followed by practical test range demonstrations of the various explosives techniques and applications used at New Mexico Tech.

The ten students will live in dorms for the week – from Sunday, June 21, to Saturday, June 27. Students will also be treated to nightly social events – pizza parties, barbecues and pool parties.

Each day’s activities begin with a lecture by a prominent instructor currently working in the explosives field. Students will learn about fireworks, how to use high-powered explosives to blast through a steel structure and how to make industrial diamonds using explosives.

Proper safety and handling of the particular explosive being used is fully covered giving students the confidence needed to perform the afternoon’s explosive tests. Field demonstrations are performed at EMRTC’s 41-square mile field laboratory.

Teachers are asked to choose possible candidates and give them the attached brochure to go over with their parents. Then all they have to do to begin qualifying is send us the following information: a one-page resume that tells about the student’s work and school history and a 500 word essay titled “Why I Am Interested in a Career Focusing on the Application of Explosives.”

Students must be 16 years old, provide three reference letters and a high school transcript showing a GPA of at least 3.0. For complete application details, visit emrtc.nmt.edu. Deadline to apply is May 1.

For more information, contact Hockensmith at (575) 835-5348 or chocken@emrtc.nmt.edu or Alejandra Gutierrez at (575) 835-5492 or agutierrez@emrtc.nmt.edu.

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