New Mexico Tech Graduates Make More Money, Aug. 14, 2008

By Thomas Guengerich

SOCORRO, N.M., Aug. 14, 2008 – A recent salary study proves what New Mexico Tech graduates and administrators already know – Tech graduates make more money than their counterparts from nearly all other Western universities.

A wage history study at PayScale.com shows that Tech graduates’ salaries are third among 43 universities in the Western states (not including California).

Tech students who earn a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $51,000 upon graduation, which is second on the list. After 10 years of work, Tech graduates earn an average of $93,400, which ranks third.

Tech ranks behind only No. 1 Colorado School of Mines and No. 2 University of Colorado-Boulder. The state-supported school in Socorro ranks ahead of No. 4 Brigham Young University ($49,400 and $88,600), No. 5 University of Arizona ($47,500 and $86,100), No. 6 University of Washington ($48,800 and $85,300) and No. 7 Washington State University ($45,300 and $84,700).

The study examined the salaries of individuals who earned bachelor’s degrees, but not a higher degree.

The University of New Mexico is 15th on the list, with a median starting salary of $41,600 and a mid-career median of $81,600. New Mexico State University is 20th on the list, with a medial starting salary of $44,300 and a mid-career median of $79,500.

Dr. Ricardo Maestas, Vice President for Student and University Relations, said the ranking is very gratifying.

“This is truly a testament to the excellent academic programs, top-notch faculty and outstanding students we have at New Mexico Tech,” he said.

New Mexico Tech is highly regarded nationally for educating engineers and scientists. The school receives annual accolades from U.S. News & World Report, Kaplan’s/Newsweek and Princeton Review – both for academics and value.

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