YOUniversity dot com Visits New Mexico Tech, Nov. 10, 2008

YOUniversity By Thomas Guengerich

SOCORRO, N.M., Nov. 10, 2008 – A film crew from YOUniversityTV.com spent a day on the New Mexico Tech campus creating a five- to seven-minute video that will soon be on the Internet.

Actors Nicole Sherman (left) and Ferrari St. Paul pose at the New Mexico Tech sign for the outro of their YOUniversityTV.com video while cameraman Ryan Dee sets up the shot.

The company – which does not charge universities for the service – is “going live” this week with hundreds of videos from campuses across the nation.

The New Mexico Tech video will hit the Internet in early 2009 at YOUniversityTV.com – or universitytv.com. The website – and the Tech video – are geared toward prospective students. Each video includes basic facts about admissions, tuition, faculty-to-student ratio and degrees offered, in addition to more details about a university’s strengths.

The film crew of three based in Boynton Beach, Fla., was cameraman Ryan Dee and two on-camera stars, Nicole Sherman and Ferrari St. Paul.

The team began the day with interviews of three students – Osmar Munoz, Saurav Bhattarai and Emilia Vesper – to hear in their own words why they came to Tech and what opportunities prospective students might find in Socorro.


Nicole Sherman (from left), Ryan Dee and Ferrari St. Paul strike a pose for the camera while filming a segment outside of the Admission Office. The video that will appear on the YOUniversityTV.com website no later than January 1.

Munoz is a mechanical engineering senior. Bhattarai is an electrical engineering major. Vesper is studying chemistry. The crew interviewed Bhattarai and Vesper outside, while Munoz was in the mechanical engineering design lab.

Some of the overriding theme of the student interviews were small class size, research opportunities and quality of instruction.

The crew also interviewed Pier Gutierrez of the Admission Office and Dr. Van Romero, vice president of research. The crew seemed interested in asking Romero, who also was a student at Tech, about explosives, Playas and EMRTC. Romero diligently answered the questions, but also steered his interviews toward other areas, like alternative energy, genome research, earth science and other disciplines.

The video will include footage from a student's room in President’s Hall, a chemical engineering lab, a physics lab, an earth science lab, a physics classroom, the library and various locations around campus.

Students Kauotar Abbou Oucherif and Caitlin Allen conducted an impromptu lab experiment for the video. Cameraman Ryan Dee shot footage of Dr. Dave Westpfahl teaching Physics Recitations.


Dr. Richard Sonnenfeld (left) helps set up a scene in a physics laboratory in Workman Center. From left are Sonnenfeld, student Jianhua Zhang, cameraman Ryan Dee and actors Nicole Sherman and Ferrari St. Paul.

Clad in New Mexico Tech sweatshirts, Sherman and St. Paul filmed a segment that focused on lightning research in a Workman Center lab. Dr. Richard Sonnenfeld helped stage the scene that included students Jianhua Zhang and Victor Alvidrez.

The two actors record a short segment in the Argon Lab that highlights the Earth and Environmental Science Department. They talked about average entrance requirements on the second floor of the Skeen Library – with an oversized Albert Einstein in the background.

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