NM Tech Enters Agreement with Air Force ROTC, March 27, 2006

by George Zamora

SOCORRO, N.M., March 27, 2006 – New Mexico Tech has entered into a “cross-town” enrollment agreement that makes the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program available to students attending the state-supported research university in Socorro.

Through a recently forged agreement signed by New Mexico Tech administrators and high-ranking officers of the Air Force ROTC detachment at the University of New Mexico (UNM), full-time Tech students will now be able to sign up for courses and scholarships offered through the nationwide military training program.

During regular academic semesters, students accepted into the new Air Force ROTC program at New Mexico Tech will take their normal course loads at Tech, but will commute to the UNM campus on Wednesday afternoons to attend the required ROTC classes and laboratory sessions.

“Our goal is to eventually have a separate, self-sustaining Air Force ROTC program in place at New Mexico Tech, but for now this cross-town arrangement will provide expanded educational opportunities for several New Mexico Tech students,” said Major Kenneth Thalmann, Unit Admissions Officer with the Air Force ROTC detachment at UNM.

“In fact, New Mexico Tech is already listed as a participating institution on the Air Force ROTC website (www.afrotc.com),” Major Thalmann added.

Peter F. Gerity, vice president for academic affairs at New Mexico Tech, estimated that the recently established Air Force ROTC cross-town enrollment program could initially attract anywhere from ten to 15 students at the university to sign up, as early as this coming fall semester.

Gerity further mentioned that plans are underway to provide an on-campus office in New Mexico Tech’s new Fidel Student Services Center, which Air Force ROTC admission officers will be able to use for informational and recruitment purposes.

For more information about New Mexico Tech’s Air Force ROTC program, call the UNM detachment at 1.888.866.7682.