New Faculty Members Hired at New Mexico Tech, Aug. 14, 2006

by Shawna Carter

SOCORRO, N.M., Aug. 14, 2006 — New Mexico Tech recently announced the hiring of three new faculty members for the start of 2006 fall semester at the state-supported science and research university in Socorro.

Nikolai Kalugin, Jay Naik, and Andrei Zagrai were all appointed to full-time, tenure-track positions at New Mexico Tech.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Nikolai Kalugin, is a former resident of College Station, Texas, where he was a research assistant professor at Texas A&M University. He earned a B.S. in applied physics in 1987, an M.S. in engineering electophysics in 1989, and a Ph.D. in solid state physics/micro-and nanoelectronics in 1997 from the Nizhny Novgorod Technical University in Russia.

Assistant Professor of Biology Jay Naik, is a former resident of Jackson, Mississippi, where he was an instructor of physiology at the University of Mississippi Medical School. He earned a B.S. in anthropology in 1990 and an M.S. in human kinetics-exercise physiology in 1996 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In 2003, he earned his Ph.D. in biomedical sciences at the University of New Mexico.

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Andrei Zagrai is a former resident of Hoboken, New Jersey, where he was an instructor and researcher at Stevens Institute of Technology. He earned his B.E. in 1996 and his M.S. in 1997 in acoustics at the Taganrog State University of Radio-Engineering in Russia. He earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering in 2002 at the University of South Carolina.