Travel Office Sets New Reimbursement Rates

SOCORRO, N.M. July 30, 2015 -- The New Mexico Tech Business/Travel Office has issued new travel reimbursement rates, effective immediately. Now, employees will be reimbursed 57.5 cents per mile. The mileage reimbursement had been 32 cents per mile for many years. Also, the per diem amounts have been increased. The new per diem rates are $135 for in-state travel and $215 for out-of-state travel. The actual per diem rate is now $46, rather then $30.

The complete, new procedures are online at http://www.nmt.edu/nmt-travel-office.

The documents updated online include the following: Travel Procedures, Travel Information Sheet, Travel Request and Reimbursement Form, Travel Estimation Sheet, Mileage Calculations NMT Rate, Student Group Travel Procedure, and International Student Travel Tax Questionnaire.

For more information or questions, contact the Travel Office.

– NMT –