NMT Spin-Off Moving into New Albuquerque Office

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. July 16, 2015 – The company that New Mexico Tech helped launch nine years ago is reaching a significant milestone Monday, July 20. RiskSense, formerly known as CAaNES, will celebrate the opening of a new 18,000 square-foot building in Albuquerque with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at noon at 4200 Osuna Road NE.


As the entrepreneurial, startup and tech communities in New Mexico continue on a trend of growth, one cybersecurity company, RiskSense, is experiencing expansion on a large level. 


RiskSense is hiring at a rapid level, and now is moving into a new office complex that occupies the entire third floor of a new office building. Currently in its final stages of construction and design, the New Mexico Tech community is invited to join the Albuquerque business community to view the space and celebrate the expansion. 

Co-founder and CEO Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala conceived the company while still a doctoral student in computer science at New Mexico Tech. He envisioned a business that would provide cyber-security services to government agencies and private companies.

“This company has deep roots with the university,” Mukkamala said. “The university vision lead us to where we are today. New Mexico Tech and ICASA do a lot of research. Now, we’re coming out to serve the commercial sector to solve immediate problems.”

Founded as Computational Analysis and Network Enterprise Solutions, the company changed its name to RiskSense earlier this year. The company has been making headlines ever since. In 2009, the New Mexico Business Weekly named the company to its “Flying 40” list of faster growing tech companies in the state. RiskSense is currently a 2015 honoree for Albuquerque Business Journal’s “Fastest Growing Companies” award.

CAaNES markets and deploys a cyber-security software that capitalizes on computer science expertise at New Mexico Tech. The company has two main niches: preventative assessments of a network’s security and digital forensic investigations of malicious attacks, like a computer-based crime scene investigation.

“This software is like a Swiss Army knife,” Mukkamala said. “It has multiple applications for multiple purposes … and we’re still building the tool. We can come in and sort through the aftermath of a cyber attack or we can offer security services before any incident occurs.”

The original basic research was developed at the Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis, or ICASA, at New Mexico Tech for federal customers. The company is in the process of applying for a patents on web application security and advanced malware analytics. Once granted, the company will expand its product portfolio. The product is active and being marketed. The company is constantly innovating and adding to the platform, Mukkamala said.

University President Dr. Daniel H. Lopez said the success of the company is a testament to the ingenuity present among Tech faculty and students.


“This company demonstrates how a university can become intimately involved in intellectual property,” he said. “This was started by a Ph.D. student with only $50,000 – I made him finish his Ph.D. first. He has hired many other graduate students over the years. RiskSense is a poster child for the Research Park Act, showing that a company can start with little capital and grow to be a multi-million dollar company.”


New Mexico Tech still owns one-third of the company and has begun to see residuals from the company’s success.


For the first time since 2006, RiskSense will be in one unified space – rather than separated into several offices throughout the city. The interior design and amenities recall the quintessential “techie” vibe often found in Silicon Valley offices. 


The space boasts a full kitchen, recreation room, and a gym with men and women’s locker rooms and showers. Surrounded by large windows, all of the offices and meeting spaces are completely made of glass – filling the entire suite with natural light. The carpeting and walls are full of bright colors – oranges, greens and blues – inspiring a fun and creative work environment.


Lopez said, “The company has grown so fast that the workforce is deployed in various locations. This new facility will make the company even more efficient and more successful.”


The ribbon-cutting ceremony starts at noon July 20, and hors d’oeurves and desserts from Savory Fare will be provided. Around 300 attendees are anticipated – including delegates, and community and business leaders. 


RiskSense specializes in network security assessments, incident response and mitigation, and digital forensics. RiskSense's analytical skills provide clients a platform to ingest massive amounts of vulnerability data and scale to thousands of machines in order to gain meaningful insights to reduce threats to critical business systems. The company was approved in April for 30 new jobs by the State of New Mexico’s JTIP program. RiskSense plans to have over 65 employees by 2016.

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