Tech Creates Campus Security Authority Positions

SOCORRO, N.M. May 21, 2015 – New Mexico Tech has developed new employee and student training videos to address harassment and sexual assault on campus and created departmental positions as Campus Security Authorities to enhance security and safety on campus.

Randy Saavedra, director of Affirmative Action at Tech, said the new effort is yet another way that Tech is addressing campus safety. The videos aim to clearly define harassment, stalking and sexual assault and how students and employees should respond to offensive behavior.

“We want to create more awareness and bolster our efforts to keep our campus a safe and secure place for all students,” he said. “These training videos create an open dialog about what constitutes offensive behavior so that we are all aware of our actions and the impact of our behavior. As an institution, New Mexico Tech takes these issues seriously and we are taking a pro-active approach. Hopefully, preventative measures will help minimize such incidents.”

Incoming students and new employees will be given information about the training videos during orientation. Returning students and employees will also be required to watch the videos.

Vice President of Student and University Relations Melissa Jaramillo-Fleming said the new effort fits the new Strategic Plan’s initiative to build a sense of community and enhance security at Tech.

“We are always looking for new, innovative ways to make sure that we are providing a welcoming environment for everyone on campus,” she said. “This is just one more tool that we can rely on to educate and inform students about how we can all contribute to creating a safer campus.”

The student orientation video is 20 minutes. The training video for Campus Security Authorities is 15 minutes. As part of the federal Clery Act and Title IX compliance, all employees and students will be required to watch appropriate video. Each department on campus has already assigned individuals to serve as Campus Security Authorities; those individuals are responsible to report any type of sexual misconduct, from harassment to assault. Every employee will be informed to whom they should report incidents.

– NMT –