Award-Winning Singer Graces Macey Center Stage

SOCORRO, N.M. March 19, 2014 – Guy Forsyth, an Austin Music Awards Male Vocalist of the Year winner scheduled to perform in concert here, shares a link to New Mexico Tech through his record producer.


The Guy Forsyth Band will play at Macey Center on Friday, March 28. 


Forsyth’s latest album, “The Freedom to Fail,” was recorded on the Blue Corn Music Label, which is owned and operated by Denby Auble of Houston, a Tech alumnus, geo-chemical engineer and an original member of the popular Tech alumni group, The Vigilante Band.

The Austin-based Forsyth, a songwriter, singer, master of electric and slide guitar, harmonica, ukulele and singing saw, will perform at 7:30 p.m. Friday, March 28, at New Mexico Tech’s Macey Center Auditorium in a Performing Arts Series event.

Arrive early and join members of Tech Club-Club Macey at 5:30 p.m. for hors d’oeuvres and adult beverages. Also, Darrell Bender, another Tech alumnus, will have a photographic exhibit on display in Macey Center’s upstairs gallery.

“Guy is an incredibly talented performer who has won numerous Austin Music Awards – and a whole lot of fans along the way,” Performing Arts Series director Ronna Kalish said. “Of course, Denby is a longtime mentor and successful music producer on his own, making for a highly successful collaboration.”

Forsyth was a street-wise entertainer raised on American western standards and musical soundtracks. Growing up in Kansas City, Mo., he cut his teeth working as a comic stuntman at renaissance fairs, passing tip jars after each sideshow performance.

He was a natural born showman.

“I’m a ham,” he said. “I just love performing. In many ways, I’m more comfortable on stage than I am off it, and I think that comes from being exposed to good performers.”

At 18, Forsyth watched John Hammond play, and that performance resonated deeply.

“(Hammond) was so passionate and gave himself over so completely to his performance,” Forsyth said. “It wasn’t like he was indicating anything or representing what the blues should be. He got out of the way and let the song run. It was so immediate, and it was so close to life or death.”

Forsyth arrived in Austin on Jan. 10, 1990, guitar in hand and a harmonica hugging his pocket, and it didn’t take him long to find his calling. He started by “busking” on the streets of Austin (making money by performing in public), and quickly worked his way up to the local bar scene, for which the Texas capitol city is legend.

In time, Forsyth had a band and a viable career; cut his debut album, “High Temperature,” and toured abroad. When he returned, Forsyth found that he was starting to earn the attention of some of the bigger players in Austin’s booming music scene.

In 1995, he cut his first record, “Needlegun,” which took him back to Europe. Later, back in Austin, Forsyth returned to busking on corners with the side-project he had formed in 1994: the Asylum Street Spankers, his first band. He would captain the Spankers until 1997, when he left to pursue a solo career.

When his first record label was sold, the musician found himself in a kind of limbo, and a third album was caught in the crossfire. Throughout, Guy and his band forged on – touring regularly through Europe and across the U.S.

Forsyth’s songs have been featured in several films and will appear in an upcoming special, “Courage,” in which he also has a role.

Kalish has chronicled much of the man’s success.

“Guy also has played in a number of festivals, including the Austin City Limits Festival and the American Music Festival and Crossroads Festival,” Kalish said. “He has been featured in newspapers in magazines from Texas to New York and from Chicago to Boston.”

Kalish noted the following review published in Texas Music Magazine: “The insanely talented multi-instrumentalist can put on one hell of a show, alternately dazzling and amusing audiences on a musical journey that ventures from ragtime jazz and Delta blues to socially conscious folk and rollicking modern rock.”

The Freedom to Fail album, on the Blue Corn label, marks an exploration into new territory for Forsyth, who opted to create a work focused on songcraft, one that reflected the power of the live show, but that also doubled as a musical message to his young daughter, instilling upon her – among other things – the importance of living with the freedom to fail.

The album showcases a wide array of stringed instruments both contemporary and traditional, including the banjo, mandolin, baritone guitar, and harp guitar, a 12-stringed instrument made popular at the turn of the 20th century.

“When I started to figure out what I wanted the recording to be, it became an album about the things that I really wanted to say,” Forsyth said. “They were things that I wanted to go on record as having said, songs like ‘The Things that Matter.’ They’re very simple, and they’re certainly not unique. But that is the sentiment. I can’t be too clever about this, because the truth of it is so simple.”        

Sponsors for the Guy Forsyth concert are Blue Corn Music, KUNM, Holiday Inn Express and Socorro Springs.

Tickets are $16 for adults, $14 for seniors and $8 for youth 17 and under. Tickets are available at the cashier’s office, Brownbilt Shoes and Western Wear, Burrito Tyme Drive-up or at the door.

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By Valerie Kimble/New Mexico Tech