Academic Support Services Restructured

SOCORRO, N.M. June 6, 2013 – Over the last few years, the academic support services for student learning housed within Academic Affairs have grown, and recently, the decision was made to restructure how those services will continue to enhance learning and facilitate faculty-student interaction. The new umbrella group for these student services will be the Office for Student Learning. All academic student support services are now consolidated under The Office for Student Learning. Included in the restructuring is a series of office relocations which will allow for greater collaboration and effective streamlining of the services.

The Center for Graduate Studies, which is currently in Fitch Hall, will relocate to the second floor of the Fidel Center. The former Center for Student Success will continue to offer the same services, but from new locations. The new Office for Student Learning will oversee tutoring, the Living Learning Communities and other campus efforts to increase retention and student success.

All existing services will continue with minimal interruption during the restructuring which is set to occur throughout the summer months. The physical relocations are scheduled to be completed by July 1. Below is a list of academic support services and the key personnel to contact.

Any other changes will be announced as they happen, including further changes in services, key personnel, office location, telephone extension, and office/building relocations as soon as they are made. Students, faculty and staff should watch for these important announcements in coming weeks.

A series of information sessions will be held in the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (Speare 113) with the first session June 25 at 2 p.m. Any general questions will be answered during this first session. If you have any urgent questions or issues which you need addressed immediately, please contact the Academic Affairs Office at x5363.

Please note: Any student who was offered a position as a summer tutor will still have that job opportunity. Please contact Lisa Majkowski at x6168.

Key Academic Affairs staff contact information:

Elaine Debrine-Howell, x5208, edebrine@admin.nmt.edu

Karla Moore, x6713, kmoore@admin.nmt.edu

Lisa Majkowski, x6168, lnmajkowski@admin.nmt.edu

Drea Killingsworth, x5269, dkilling@nmt.edu

Mary Dezember, x5931, dezember@nmt.edu

Debbie Wallace, x5513, dwallace@admin.nmt.edu

Center for Graduate Studies                           Debbie Wallace

Individual academic counseling                     Elaine Debrine-Howell

Advising Special Undergraduate Students  Elaine Debrine-Howell

Early Alert/Starfish                                              Elaine Debrine-Howell

Academic Warning Packets/Letters                Elaine Debrine-Howell

Oversight of Academic Warning Registration           Elaine Debrine-Howell

Advising Dual Credit Students                          Elaine Debrine-Howell

CSS email                                                             Karla Moore, and Lisa Majkowski

Assignment of Advisors in BANNER                Karla Moore

Distribution of placement forms                       Karla Moore

New Student Workflows                                     Karla Moore

Major Changes Form                                          Karla Moore

Tutoring / Learning Coaches                             Drea Killingsworth, Lisa Majkowski, and Karla Moore

Academic Advisor Training                                 Lisa Majkowski and Brian Borchers

Living Learning Communities                            Drea Killingsworth and Lisa Majkowski

Academic Success Workshops                         Lisa Majkowski

Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL)  Lisa Majkowski and Mary Dezember

Institutional Accreditation                                    Mary Dezember and Lisa Majkowski

Student Research Symposium                          Mary Dezember and Lisa Majkowski

Student Learning Evaluations                            Mary Dezember and Lisa Majkowski

Institutional Student Learning Team                 Mary Dezember and Lisa Majkowski

Professional Development Courses for STEM Lisa Majkowski


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