Two Dedicated Athletes Take Annual Honors

SOCORRO, N.M. May 2, 2013 – Claire Honeyfield and Rick Cosentino have been named New Mexico Tech University’s Sportswoman and Sportsman for the 2012-2013 academic year. The pair were selected from nominations gathered by a panel of their peers from among Tech’s 15 sport clubs. The award announcements highlighted a banquet April 26 at Tech’s outdoor golf pavilion to honor exemplary members of all teams enrolled in the Department of Physical Recreation’s sports club program: baseball, bicycling, caving, climbing, golf, paintball, women’s and men’s rugby, shooting, women’s and men’s soccer, track and field, ultimate frisbee, and women’s and men’s volleyball.


Claire Honeyfield and Rick Cosentino

2012-2013 Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year


Claire Honeyfield, a 2008 graduate of Raton High School, has been a member of the New Mexico Tech Lady Miners soccer team since her freshman year. She also plays volleyball and recently took up body building. Ms. Honeyfield is a mechanical engineering major who expects to graduate in December 2013.

Remarkably, in addition to those of her teammates Ms. Honeyfield attracted letters of nomination from members of the golf, men’s rugby, and men’s soccer clubs.

One letter read, in part: “She is the leading scorer for the Lady Miners who complete in the Albuquerque Soccer League Premier Division. She is a student/athlete who works at EMRTC, takes a full schedule of classes and still finds time to organize fundraising events for the Lady Miners and also volunteer her time to the community.”

Throughout the last school year, Claire has volunteered at SocorroFest, Socorro Community Arts Party, Socorro Arts Party for Adults, AYSO soccer, and many more events. As for fundraising Claire organized and ran a glow in the dark golf tournament for the third year in a row which raised over $1,200 for the club.

A teammate wrote: “For nearly four years, Claire has been essential to our progress as a team and as a club. Not only is she a strong, committed player, she also works tirelessly in order to send the team to tournaments in Arizona and California. Claire has also stepped up her game this year. She takes every aspect of the game seriously, from practicing our fundamentals to the responsibility she has as one of our team leaders.”

A member of the men’s rugby team wrote that “she has shown athleticism across many sports including volleyball, rock climbing, and soccer. She continues to push her body and is currently seeking a new level of fitness. She demonstrates good leadership among her fellow ladies soccer teammates, she is always involved with fundraising and volunteering”

Rick Cosentino is a doctoral student of physics at New Mexico Tech. He received his bachelor’s in engineering physics and electrical engineering from the University of Buffalo. He then attended graduate school at the University of Colorado, where he worked as a part of the NASA Lunar Science Institute at the Colorado Center for Lunar Dust and Atmosphere Science.

Rick is a native of Buffalo, N.Y., where he fell in love with baseball and ice hockey at an early age. He participated in football, volleyball, and wrestling in high school and still enjoys golf and racquetball. He also enjoys playing the guitar, critiquing cinema, and stimulating conversation. In autumn 2011 he took up rugby with Tech’s Pygmies and his contributions have attracted the commendations of teammates.

In a letter nominating him as Tech’s sportsman of the year, one wrote “I have never met someone as dedicated as Rick is to his team. Even though he is not a captain, he demonstrates who captains should be and what they should do. Win or lose, he always has something positive to say. Rick is the kind of guy every team needs.”

Cosentino credits his mother for his success in sports. “She would take us to games, to practices, sometimes three different teams at once during the summer . . . without that, all of this would probably have been impossible.”

He draws from his background as a dedicated learner to offer advice for his young teammates.

“I enjoy watching it (rugby) as much as I do playing and I learn equally from both.” And for young athletes who may be tempted to try to cut corners he has this: “It's with maturity as an athlete that you realize putting in work is what breeds success.”

For more information about the NMT sport club program contact NMT sport club coordinator Dave Wheelock at (575) 835-5854, dwheelock@admin.nmt.edu.

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