Computer Science Couple Designing Android App

         SOCORRO, N.M. December 6, 2012– Two computer science students are taking their senior research project to an international conference – the same project they presented at the inaugural Student Research Symposium last spring at New Mexico Tech.

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Carl and Rachel Tucker are headed to Texas to present their research and development of a new Android app.


Carl and Rachel Tucker have developed an early prototype of an Android phone app called StopWatcher that can identify stop signs and alert a driver to stop.

“It’s weird that in our world of technology that we don’t have this app available. There are quite a few stop signs out there that you can’t see very well,” Carl Tucker said. “We were tasked with creating an app for an embedded device and this was our concept piece – originally as a class assignment for a 400 level class.”

Carl and Rachel, who are married, wrote their code in Java, connected their work to GoogleMaps and accessed a MySQL database. The Java code takes readings from the built in GPS and Compass sensors of a smart phone. The app then compares this information against similar data stored in the MySQL database about the location and orientation of nearby stop signs. GoogleMaps provides the main Graphical User Interface.

The app isn’t fully functional yet, but Carl and Rachel hope to find some time to fine tune their work in the coming months.

They will give an oral presentation at the International Symposium on Pervasive Systems, Algorithms, and Networks in San Marcos, Texas, from December 13 to 15.

“This is a fairly big deal for us,” Carl said. “It’s an honor.”

Natives of Farmington, the Tuckers earned associate’s degrees at San Juan Community College in Farmington before transferring to Tech. They are now in the home stretch and expect to graduate in December 2012 with their bachelor’s. They both hope to start master’s programs, also in computer science.

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By Thomas Guengerich/New Mexico Tech