Management Prof Publishes 5-in-1, Noted As Top Reviewer


SOCORRO, N.M. September 18, 2012 – New Mexico Tech Department of Management Professor Dr. Toshi Sueyoshi recently had five research articles in one edition of Energy Economics and was recognized as the top reviewer by another journal, European Journal of Operational Research.

 toshi-with-goto-and-gerityDSC 1602

 Dr. Toshi Sueyoshi (standing) with one of his regular co-authors Mika Goto and Dr. Peter Gerity, Vice President of Academic Affairs.


“Five papers in one issue of a major journal – that’s unheard of,” department chair Dr. Peter Anselmo said. “Two in the same issue maybe, but five is unbelievable.”

Sueyoshi is a world leader in the application of theoretical developments to real policy problems. One of his recent publications addresses the trade-offs between increased use of nuclear power and the reduction of CO2.

“Toshi is answering questions that are amenable to innovative methodological approaches, which is one area where he excels,” Anselmo said. “As he points out in one of the papers, shutting down nuclear power plants because of what happened at Fukushima will result in increasing greenhouse gas emissions, which will be more expensive and less efficient and may not be warranted once an in-depth analysis is done – which he did. That’s an example of the link between theory and practice.”

Sueyoshi is a pioneer of the data reduction method he calls Data Envelopment Analysis, or DEA. Anselmo said Sueyoshi continually refines the method, which he applies to novel and globally important policy issues.

Another recent paper title is “DEA Approach for Unified Efficiency Measurement: Assessment of Japanese Fossil Fuel Power Generation.”

In that study, Sueyoshi writes that the implementation of Kyoto Protocol in 2005 has not been effective on the efficiency of Japanese fossil fuel power generation from 2004 to 2008. His findings contradict the current Japanese environmental policy under Kyoto Protocol, it contains policy implications for guiding the future direction of Japanese environmental policy on the electric power industry.

In each paper, Sueyoshi is applying his Data Envelopment Analysis to a wide variety of current topics. Sueyoshi and his collaborators have examined the relationship of scale to efficiency in petroleum companies.

In one of the five papers, he concluded that “both national and international oil companies exhibit increasing Damages to Scale, implying that all oil firms need to decrease their operational sizes for improving their environmental performance on CO2 emission. As an alternative strategy, the result suggests that they need to introduce technology innovation (e.g. clean air technology) into their business operations. The technology based strategy has more practicality than the size reduction in their operations.”

Another publication is “Environmental Assessment by DEA Radial Measurement: U.S. Coal-Fired Power Plants in Independent System Operator and Regional Transmission Organization.” In that paper, Sueyoshi concludes that independent coal-fired power plants are more efficient than those belonging to regional organizations.

Two papers address the electrical power industry in Japan. One deals with “Efficiency-Based Rank Assessment for Electric Power Industry” and the other compares the efficiency of the electric power industry to other manufacturing industries.

“Toshi examines large questions involving government policy and industrial structure,” Anselmo said. “He’s been a prolific research for years, but getting five papers published in one issue of a top journal is truly impressive.”

The other journal, European Journal of Operational Research, presented Dr. Sueyoshi with a certificate as the top reviewer in 2011.

“That means he reviewed a lot of papers,” Anselmo said. “That’s a huge contribution to the field. No one can publish if there aren’t reviewers. Making a contribution like that is huge because someone has to do this time-consuming and mostly thankless job.”

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By Thomas Guengerich/New Mexico Tech