Student Films Recruitment Video For Freshmen

SOCORRO, N.M. August 27, 2012– Junior Tyler Robinson took his role as Peer Facilitator quite seriously.

The environmental engineering major made a recruitment video for the “grab bag” engineering First Year Experience class that he teaches.  Click here to watch the video on Youtube.

Note: the last day to add classes is Tuesday, Aug. 28. Freshmen interested in signing up for the FYE class should do so immediately.

The Center for Student Success organizes the First Year Experience classes, which are classified as Education 101. Many of the academic departments offer the course solely for their students. Other sections combine students from several majors.

Robinson and his buddies made the video to encourage students to take Robinson’s class – and to inform students about the opportunities available through the FYE program. He had help from Kris Kupchella, Sterling Reinhart, Nicolas Davis and Ky Brabson.

“I don’t think all the freshmen know what FYE is about,” Robinson said. “I wanted to recruit them and the only way to communicate with them is via email … but they don’t read emails, so I sent them a link the video.”

The two-minute video is mainly Robinson talking about the class and answering questions from his friends. They filmed in Fidel Center, including the Center for Student Success.


The Peer Facilitators talked to freshmen during Convocation on Monday, August 20.


Robinson took the FYE class two years ago and appreciates the opportunity to be a Peer Facilitator for the program. His job is to help new students get to how professors on a personal level, learn about campus resources, math help sessions, tutoring sessions and general mentoring.

“I know Tech pretty well, so I feel I could teach freshmen how to get to know Tech,” he said.

Elaine DeBrine Howell, Associate Dean for Student Success, said she was very impressed with the video

“It was brilliant – way cool,” she said. “That’s why we hired Tyler. We get the best and the brightest and most creative to be Peer Facilitators. He hit all the high points on why the class is important. And it was funny.”

She said the FYE classes have from 150 to 200 students each year. The class is one credit free-standing class in most departments. In two departments, the class is folded into an existing lab or recitation.

“The First-Year Experience helps freshmen transition smoothly and gets them connected,” she said.

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By Thomas Guengerich/New Mexico Tech