Rugby Clubs Gearing Up For Fall Semester

SOCORRO, N.M. August 15, 2012 – New Mexico Tech’s Pygmy rugby club will kick off their 38th (or 39th – it seems not many of the players were counting in the 1970s) year of play on a brand new pitch.

Sports Season Opens With Fair, Initial Meeting

The opening of fall classes signals the renewal of the Tech Sport Club program. Registrations for new and returning clubs are now open with a Friday, Sept. 7, deadline for completed registration papers and budget proposal. Other dates to note are the Sport Club Fair in the Fidel Center lobby on Thursday, August 30, and the first monthly meeting of sport club representatives at 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 5. The process begins with pickup of sport club registration papers between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at gymnasium offices, where further advice is readily available.

From the NMT Sport Club Handbook:

“A New Mexico Tech Sport Club shall be defined as a group of at least 10 individuals formed with the purpose of pursuing a particular sport or physical activity. A sport club is characterized by regular meetings or practices in which members actively engage in the development of skills and teamwork necessary to engage in competition.”

Active clubs in 2011-2012 were baseball, bicycling, caving, climbing, golf, martial arts, paintball, women’s rugby, men’s rugby, shooting, women’s soccer, men’s soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, women’s volleyball and men’s volleyball. Contacts for these clubs can be obtained by contacting sport club coordinator Dave Wheelock at the gym, 835-5854 or dwheelock@admin.nmt.edu.

As part of the project to build Tech’s newest dormitory got underway this summer, the first item of business was to reconstruct Tech’s tired old sports ground, featuring laser leveling, Bermuda sod, and a new and improved irrigation system.

By tradition Tech’s rugby men commence formal training sessions at 4:30 p.m. the Tuesday classes resume for both the fall and spring semesters, with additional practices Wednesdays and Thursdays. All interested athletes are encouraged to try their hands. Matches are normally on Saturdays although infrequent multi-team tournaments call the Pygmies away from Socorro for most of a weekend. Including a few open weekends to catch up with studies – or just life – the Pygmies will be at it for 10 weeks this autumn.

Not to be upstaged by a bunch of guys, Tech’s rugby Queens, resurrected two years ago after an extended hiatus, will also don their shorts to prepare for a somewhat less busy season. To date, the Queens have only two fixtures on their dance card, but you can be sure other dates will be added soon. The Queens normally adopt a Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday practice regimen. Watch for fliers everywhere for the final schedule.

The Queens will be led by their most senior players, including Lynnae Logan, Jade Horton, and Michaela Rempkowski. The Pygmies call back some mighty ruggers including two Jeremiah Wright Memorial Player of the Year recipients in Isaiah Sanchez and Enrique Koerdell. As in the last 14 years, the Tech rugby program will compete under the guidance of USA Rugby Level 3 coach Dave Wheelock, a 40-year student of the game. Direct inquiries to (575) 835-5854, dwheelock@admin.nmt.edu, or rugby@nmt.edu.

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