International Journal Honors Tech Prof's Research

SOCORRO, N.M. December 8, 2011 – New Mexico Tech management professor Dr. Toshiyuki Sueyoshi has won a top award for a scientific paper via the prestigious  Papers in Regional Science journal.

Mika Gota, (from left) Dr. Toshiyuki Sueyoshi and Dr. Peter Gerity pose with the plaque commemorating the Martin Beckman Award. Gota, Sueyoshi and Akihiro Otsuka (not pictured) won the award for their research about industrial clustering and its effect on efficiency and productivity. Gerity is the Vice President for Academic Affairs at New Mexico Tech.

Sueyoshi collaborated with two colleagues from Japan – Mika Goto and Akihiro Otsuka – to research and write the paper, “Industrial Agglomeration Effects in Japan: Productive Efficiency, Market Access and Public Fiscal Transfer.” That research paper won the Martin Beckman Award as the “Best Paper in Regional Science 2010” at the RSAmericas conference in Miami in November 2011.

Sueyoshi said he was especially pleased with the prestigious recognition because the journal selected his paper over others from universities with more name recognition – like Stanford, Berkeley and M.I.T. He said being selected was quite an honor.

Papers In Regional Science is published by the Regional Science Association International. The journal highlights scholarship on spatial networks and clustering, labor markets, transportation and migration, land use and urban development, economic geography, inter-industry analysis and trade, environment and natural resources and geographical information systems.

Management Department Chair Dr. Peter Anselmo said the award shows Tech’s continuing commitment to excellence in the management research.

“This shows that we have a research environment at Tech and in the Management Department where people can be productive, which is part of our strategic emphasis on quality,” Anselmo said. “We also can form alliances like Toshi’s with the Japanese institute.  The other neat thing about this award is Toshi brings these research innovations into the classroom, especially as part of our Graduate Engineering Management Program.”

Goto and Otsuka are staff researchers with the Central Research Institute for Electric Power Industry of Japan, or CRIEPI. Sueyoshi has been collaborating with the Japanese institute for almost five years, a partnership that has produced dozens of publications on various management and energy policy research projects.

The current publication addresses the benefits of regional clustering within an industry. Manufacturers, their suppliers and customers – when co-located geographically – achieve a higher level of efficiency than industry groups are not clustered.

The paper further addresses government subsidies, showing that incentives were not associated with enhanced   business efficiencies when compared with the firms that were within clusters.

The research team used a well-known econometric technique called Stochastic Frontier Analysis to interpret data related to inputs and outputs to develop a measure of efficiency.

“They did this on a regional level, with prefecture-level data,which is hard to get,” Anselmo said. “This research can be applied to any industrial situation anywhere in the world.”

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By Thomas Guengerich/New Mexico Tech