Carbon Sequestration Pilot Project Enters Phase III

SOCORRO, N.M., August 12, 2011–– The Southwest Regional Partnership on Carbon Sequestration is moving forward with field deployment operations for Phase III of the Carbon Capture and Storage in the Gordon Creek field in central Utah.

New Mexico Tech is the lead organization in the Partnership. Project Director Dr. Robert Lee is also Director of the Petroleum Recovery Research Center, or PRRC, a research division of NMT. Dr. Reid Grigg of the PRRC and Dr. Brian McPherson of the University of Utah/NMT are the co-principal investigators of the project and will direct project engineering and project science, respectively.

The project is supported and managed by the National Energy Technology Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy. The Partnership recently completed Phase II – the Validation Phase testing program in New Mexico, Utah and Texas.

The Phase III field deployment will demonstrate commercial-scale carbon storage technologies, planned to store a million tons of carbon dioxide per year, for sake of “proof-of-concept” of carbon storage in deep saline aquifers. Phase III large-scale carbon dioxide injection project will combine science and engineering from many disciplines to successfully sequester and monitor carbon storage.

The Phase III project budget is about $90 million, including up to $67 million from the Department of Energy. The balance will be provided by the participating organizations.  The project is a multi-faceted effort by a number of entities. The Gordon Creek site operator is Gordon Creek LLC, a subsidiary of Thunderbird Energy Corp. based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Other research organizations involved in this research project are NETL, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, the Utah Science, Technology and Research (USTAR) initiative, the Utah Geological Society, and the University of Missouri.  Details of this project may be accessed at swpartnership.org and www.netl.doe.gov/technologies/carbon_seq/infrastructure/rcsp.html.

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