New Mexico Tech Joins Romanian Police Training

Michael Hensley

by Jack Swickard, ILEA-R

Dan Valentin Fatuloiu (left), chief of Romanian National Police, receives a copy of New Mexico Tech's Annual Report from Dr. Michael Hensley during a visit to Bucharest in March. Hensley, program manager of the International Law Enforcement Academy-Roswell, was a member of a five-person, U.S. delegation that met with all levels of Romanian police during an evaluation visit. In the center is interpreter Mihaela Statescu. New Mexico Tech operates ILEA-R under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of State. (Jack Swickard photo)

BUCHAREST, Romania, April 13, 2007 — New Mexico Tech has partnered with the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland to help Romanian National Police with organizational evaluation and training.

In March, Dr. Michael Hensley and Jack Swickard, both affiliated with the International Law Enforcement Academy-Roswell, joined Maryland police officials in meetings with top police officers in Bucharest.

The evaluation meetings were conducted six months after a team from the Montgomery County Police Department, headed by Assistant Police Chief John King, began a needs assessment of Romanian police.

Capt. Luther Reynolds, who accompanied King to Romania in September 2006, was joined by Capt. Christina Faass, director of the Montgomery County Police Department’s Personnel Division, and Capt. Christopher Bonvillain of the Gaithersburg (Md.) Police Department, for the March visit. Reynolds is director of the Montgomery County Police Department’s Training and Education Division.

During the March visit, the team presented Dan Valentin Fatuloiu, general inspector of Romanian police, an initial report assessing the needs of the 155,000-member Romanian National Police force. The general inspector is chief of National Police.

The five-member U.S. delegation visited two Bucharest police stations, where they attended roll call, met with stations commanders and their staffs, rode with police officers on patrol, and then interviewed officers of various ranks.

They also attended the opening of Bucharest’s newest police station, which was presided over by Fatuloiu and the prefect of Bucharest.

In addition, the team met with Eugen Corciu, deputy general inspector and general director for countering organized crime; Laurentiu Mircea Sobu, director of the Romanian Police Human Resources Directorate; Cristina Encea, training unit chief of Romanian Police; representatives of the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime; and the police force’s management services representatives.

Hensley and Swickard visited with police officials and graduates of ILEA-Roswell in Romania, Hungary and Moldova last August and September.