CS Students Do Well in Competition, Oct. 31, 2001

A team of New Mexico Tech students did very well at the 2001 New Mexico State University Invitational Programming Competition, held this past weekend on the NMSU campus in Las Cruces.

Teams from Tech took first, second, fourth, sixth, and seventh places. They accidentally let one NMSU team slip in at third place and one UNM team at fifth. There were about 15 teams at the competition.

  • First place team: Ben Gordon and Jackson Peacock
  • Second place team: Nick Pattengale and Thomee Wright
  • Fourth place team: James Kearney, Paul Ming, Evan Nelson

According to Benjamin Gordon, chair of Tech's Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), this was an informal contest held every fall to help practice for the regional programming contest held in Boulder, Colo., on Nov. 17. Gordon explained, "Each team is given a stack of problems, and they write computer programs to solve as many as they can in a certain amount of time. The winner is whichever team solves the most problems in the given amount of time."

Tech's ACM will have its on contest on campus on Sat., Nov. 3. People may enter by emailing bmgordon@nmt.edu. Pizza and beverages are supplied.